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Posted on Jun 1st 2011 at 06:20:41 PM by (theGrue)
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Hey everybody!

For the past two months or so, I've been working on an Android app so I can easily look up what games are in my collection while I'm at a game store, flea market, or yard sale. If you've got a big collection, sometimes it's easy to forget whether you've got something already!

For the first public beta release, I wanted to really nail the task of browsing through your collection quickly and effectively. It works well for my collection, but does it work well for yours? Hopefully it will, but if it doesn't, I'll do what I can to fix your problem and get a new beta version out quickly. Once we get all the problems fixed, this can go onto the Android market for everybody to download!

Thus far I've only been able to test on the Android emulator, as well as my G1 running Froyo. The app should run fine on any Android version 1.5 (Cupcake) and above, but I haven't personally tested it on each version. Every Android phone currently on the market also has a much bigger screen than my G1, so hopefully everything scales well for bigger phones.

Ready to check it out? Here's the download link!

If you've never loaded a non-market app before, first make sure your phone is configured to allow installation from non-Market sources by going to Settings -> Applications and checking the "Unknown sources" box. Then, simply e-mail the above file to your phone, open it up, and click the "Install" button to install it.

Features I intend to add in the future include:
- Displaying images on game detail pages
- Searching for games in the database
- Logging in to add/edit games in your collection
- Elimination of paging
- More filter criteria

Feel free to suggest things, too. Hope everybody enjoys the app!

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GAH!!  I need this for my iPhone NOW!! Cheesy
@slackur: Aww, it's a shame you can't use it! I used your collection for a lot of testing because it's the biggest one on here.
I just got my WP7 in today. I'll make sure to download this to my wife's Android X tonight, and I'll see about porting it to WP7 once you're ready.
Great stuff, installing now
Wow, wish I had a Droid to use this app.  Great work!
@slackur: Unfortunately, it costs $99/year just to develop for iOS.

Once he got the apk signature figured out, I was able to get it installed. Works great!

Next will be to get the source, github it, and start tweaking/adding features!
just installed it...looks very handy. Once you update everything...let everyone know as soon as possible. Also, i assume any bugs we run across should be reported as well?
This looks great! I just wish I had an Android phone.
I don't know how difficult it will be but my friend goes to a similar site like this and they have a app where you can scan the bar code of a case and add it to your collection that way.  I really do enjoy the app you made and if one comes available for the iPhone my buddy said he will start using this site just because your site is AMAZING
In order to do this, we'd need to ensure that each item had a UPC barcode to match, which can be somewhat difficult for older titles...especially when variants have the same barcode.
I'm chanting 'iPhone iPhone iPhone' to myself in my room. Make it happen!
Simple and effective.  Well done.
Is this coming to the iphone? I'm currently using an app with TONS of games missing...

I want RF Generation!!

Please satisfy the ItchyKoala.
Wow, it is amazing what you were able to do. Simply amazing.
Oooooooooooooooooh nice!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks! I'm using Android 2.2 on a ZTE Blade so I'll give it a blast Cheesy Great guns!
@Tadpole13:I understand it can get kinda difficult but if it diden't reconize the barcode people can always manual enter it.  It has been done before on another website called not sure how they did it. reguardless thoe the app is pretty badass with or without that option.  That option would just be a plus Cheesy
My preference would be that instead of purposed apps for every flavor of device that you would instead create a mobile skin for your current website. I currently utilize the site as-is in the field (on my iPhone - never been to a thrift store or garage sale that was out of cellular range) and it is a bit cumbersome when looking for something fast. A mobile interface based on your template above would be most appreciated and would serve all mobile devices equally. Hmmm, come to think of it, I can't think of the last time I visited this site when I wasnt using a iPad/iPhone, even at home.

... And if you're taking requests: barcode scanning would be at the very top of my list too. Thanks
I can see your collection but when i put mine in it shows 1/99 pages but never shows any games, the filter sees the system with the correct amount of games in them but still no games.... see if you can view mine on your phone.
cant wait until i can use this app to add my new games and submit stuff Smiley i know thats asking alot
Awesome job. Working perfect on my OG Droid running Peter Alfonso's rooted stock Gingerbread ROM.
Great work. Unfortunately I too have an iPhone. Maybe it's time for an upgrade?HuhHuh?? =)
@theGrue: How did you get into programing for the Droid? Did someone put you on to it? Or is it just something you figured out on your own. I think it is awesome that you put this much time and effort into this app and really hope to try it out on one of my buddy's I need to figure out which of my friends have a Droid.
Wow thanks alot for all  the hard work. I have been needing one of these for awhile. It seems to run good with my phone.
Great App! I tried it on my Desire and it seem to work nice.
Looks really neat. I don't have a smartphone, so I'll just have to rely on the old brain when buying games. Wink
Please make an ios version! Cheesy
Good news everyone! Someone is developing an Android OS for the iPhone!
I'm some time away from picking up a smart-phone, myself.

But when I do, this'll be one of the first apps I'll be throwin' onto that bad boy.

Ahhhh, you kids today with your newfangled technology...
@douglie007: I have the same problem with my collection, and yours does not work for me either.  May be some item in our collections that's causing the issue.  I noticed that Den68's collection does the same thing too.  Hopefully it's a easy fix, I can't wait to try it out.
That rocks! Works perfectly on HTC Wildfire for my collection
Sorry iPhone guys, I'd be glad to share any information with a prospective iPhone developer, but since I don't have any iDevices myself, I'm not terribly interested in working on one.

@NeoMagicWarrior: Absolutely! I'm sure all you guys have very diverse collections, I'd never catch all the bugs just looking at my own.

@douglie007: Sorry about that, your collection will work in the next beta release. For some reason your page doesn't have the Simple View/Detailed View links in the Quick Navigation bar so that threw my page scraper off.

@atari_wizard: I had the idea myself, then went on the forums and found that there was a thread with some other interested folks, so that was enough to convince me that it was a worthy project.

@bum-man: Yeah, same issue as douglie007. Sorry about that!
We need an iPhone developer pronto!
Good work.  Now get an iphone/youch version.
Since theGrue has Android wrapped up, maybe I can look in to an iOS version. I only have a Macbook and an iPod Touch and you would probably need to be jailbroken for it to install since I don't want to pay $99/year to have it on the App Store.
Works great! thanks for this.. need to add all my collection in now though..
@douglie007: @bum-man: @theGrue: Eddie has discovered why you guys don't have the Simple/Detailed View options. Your profiles are set to private, so people can not see the details.
That did the trick!!  Now I can play around with the app, thanks.
That was odd that everything I had was on public ecept my comments but that worked by changing to public thank :-)
this is going to be sooooooooooooooo helpful.
@noiseredux: Glad to see people are still finding this! I've been working on it a lot lately and should have something on the market in the next week or so.
ooo so your going to put it on the market Smiley do we get a download here too
I have the app on my phone but it shows I have nothing in my collection folder it just has what is in my wishlist folder. I tried to sync it but that didn't work neither did deleting the app and reinstalling. What else can I do?
Is your collection folder set to Public?
Loving the app.
im haveing the same problem only my wish list shows and not my collection

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