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There's so many games coming out this week that I had to switch to three (?!) rows instead of the usual two! Granted most of the games this week are shovelware crap, but there's some damned awesome releases!

Playstation 3Xbox 360Nintendo Wii
•Blitz: The League II
Dead Space
•FIFA Soccer 2009
•Golden Axe: Beast Rider
•Rock Revolution
Saints Row 2 (Also available as a collector's edition)
SOCOM: Confrontation (Also available as a bundle with the official Sony PS3 Bluetooth headset or as a download on the Playstation Store)
•Blitz, The League II
Dead Space
•FIFA Soccer 2009
•Golden Axe: Beast Rider
•Rock Revolution
Saints Row 2 (Also available as a collector's edition)
•Avatar - The Last Airbender: Into the Inferno
•Boogie Superstar
•Bratz: Girls Really Rock
•Dokapon Kingdom    
•Littlest Pet Shop
Sam and Max: Season One
•Tak: Guardians of Gross
•Ten Pin Alley 2
PSPNintendo DSPlaystation 2
•Cake Mania Baker’s Challenge
•FIFA Soccer 2009
•Battle of the Giants: Dinosaurs
•Bratz: Girls Really Rock
•Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer
•FIFA Soccer 2009
Kage Densetsu: The Legend of Kage 2
•Littlest Pet Shop: Garden
•Littlest Pet Shop: Jungle
•Littlest Pet Shop: Winter
•Lovely Lisa
•My Japanese Coach
•Naruto: Path of Ninja 2
•Smart Girls Party Games 
•Prey the Stars
•Rock Revolution
•Tak: Mojo Mistake
•Avatar - The Last Airbender: Into the Inferno
•Bratz: Girls Really Rock
•Cake Mania Baker’s Challenge
•Dokapon Kingdom
•FIFA Soccer 2009
•Tak: Guardians of Gross

•Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?: Make the Grade
•Avatar Last Air Bender: Path Zuko
•Brain Training for Dummies
•Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer
•Combat Wings: Battle of Britain
•Dark Horizon
•Enchanted Fairy Friends: Secret Fairy
•Etch A Sketch (AGAIN?!)

•FIFA Soccer 2009
•Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Game Only)
•Hot Dish
•Let's Ride: Riding Star
•Littlest Pet Shop
•Paws and Claws: Australian Adventure
•Poker for Dummies
•Rock University Presents: The Naked Brothers Band The Game

•SAS: Secure Tomorrow
•Saints Row 2
•Shaun White Snowboarding
•Sniper: Art of Victory
•SpongeBob Squarepants: Game of Life
•Space Trader
World of Goo

The biggest game of this week is EA's sci-fi scarefest, Dead Space. If this game is not on your radar, it should be. Why? It's supposed to be an effing scary game and the reviews have been excellent so far (high 8s/low 9s). Yes, it is yet another shooter, but it does some very innovative stuff, such as strategic dismemberment. You can't just shoot a baddie in the head and move on because that would waste your ammo and anger them. What you need to do is totally tear them apart. While you are tearing them apart, they will change their approach to killing you. For example, if you take the legs out, they'll crawl towards you with their arms and try to take you out that way. In addition, there's some other cool powers like telekinesis and stasis. Based on all the footage I've seen so far, EA could have a possible game of the year contender with Dead Space.

Also out this week is indie darling child, World of Goo, on both PC (direct from 2D Boy via PayPal, on Steam, Direct2Drive, Beanstalk, Greenhouse, and in regular stores for all you disc fans) and WiiWare. Based on Tower of Goo (download it for free here, this physics-based puzzle game requires you to build structures using different types of goo in order to get balls to the exit. Sounds simple, but judging by the time I've played Tower of Goo, the end result should be a damned addictive game.

If you're a Wii owner looking for a hilarious adventure game should check out Sam and Max: Season One from Telltale Games. As you could probably infer from the title, it's a compilation of the all six episodes from the first season of the game put onto one disc on the Wii. Each episode will give you about two or three hours of gameplay, so you're looking at about 12-18 hours total to complete them all. Totally recommended if you're a Wii owner who liked Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive people and haven't played the PC version of Sam and Max: Season One.

Also out this week is SOCOM Confrontation for the PS3 (the latest installment in the popular online shooter), Saints Row 2 (the next installment in the GTAalike franchise), and Kage Densetsu: The Legend of Kage 2 (the sequel to the cult-classic 1984 arcade/NES game).

Oh yeah, Rock Revolution comes out this week too. If you buy it, I will punch you in the face.

Next week, prepare for armageddon.

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It must be Fall.  The list exploded.
It's gonna explode even more next week. Heck, I've already started writing the overviews...8 or so of them! Cheesy
Giant week. Cheesy

But seriously: Bratz and Littlest Pet anyone waiting for that?!? Or have 5 year old girls become the bulk of DS gamers? Undecided
Looks like good reviews for both Saints Row 2 and Dead Space. Cool

Blitz: The League II looks good and sick from the bits I've seen although it seems to have a lot of needle use! I hate needles - I might not make it to half time lol.

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