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So, I had this written earlier today and wanted to make a few corrections, but then I closed the web browser on accident. Looks like I'mma have to do the commentary section from memory. Cheesy

Playstation 3Xbox 360Nintendo Wii
Silent Hill Homecoming•Mobile Ops: The One Year War    
Silent Hill Homecoming
•Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility
•We Cheer
PSPNintendo DSPlaystation 2
•Cake Mania
•Pipe Mania
•Valhalla Knights 2


•Baseball Mogul 2009
•Dark Horizon
•Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft 
•Mount & Blade
•Pipe Mania
•SAS: Secure Tomorrow
•Sniper: Art of Victory
•Animal Paradise
•Margot's Word Brain
•Pipe Mania 
•Pop Cutie: Street Fashion Simulation
•Princess Debut
Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood
•Unsolved Crimes
•Mortal Kombat Kollection
•Onimusha: The Essentials 
•Pipe Mania 

Looks like the game companies decided to give us a break before completely slaughtering our wallets in October.

First featured game this week is Silent Hill Homecoming for the PS360, the newest installment in the popular survival horror franchise. I must confess that I've never played a Silent Hill game in my life, but I do know that Pyramid Head is badass. Since I've never played Silent Hill, I pose this question to my readers. Is it worth getting into the series? If so, where should I start?

Next up is Sonic Chronicles for the DS. Expecting a fast platformer like Sonic Rush? You're definitely not getting that. Sega decided to take Sonic in a totally different direction with this new game, and hand off development to Bioware, creators of Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Yup, this is an RPG in the Sonic universe. Quite an interesting concept if I must say so. And get this: it's getting strong reviews. Let that sink in. A new game starring Sonic that's actually GOOD. For reals.

Also this week: 360 owners can MUST download Mega Man 9 for 800 Space Bucks (that's $10 for us Earthlings).

Check back next week for a return to game companies raping your wallet.

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Mega Man 9 holds absolutely no interest to me at all. In fact I can say that for the entire series, save the RPGs. I'd rather spend that 800 points on Duke 3D, from what I've played so far they did a helluva job porting it to XBLA.Smiley
How's the time rewind feature?
Regarding advice about Silent Hill:

Try it if you like suspense horror, overlapping (often morbid) themes, and morally/psychologically unstable but well-defined characters. "Perception of reality" is a common theme in these games (makes you question yourself whether or not things around the character are 'real').

A good game to begin would probably be Silent Hill 2 (XBOX port probably best). The game is not connected to SH1 (and not really to any other games in the franchise) and follows the story of James Sunderland, whose wife has been dead for three years and now sends him a letter from Silent Hill. Naturally, he goes to "find" her.
The story is good, all the characters are awesome, and the graphics are very decent. This game introduces the Leadpipe Nurses (very different from nurses in SH1), and is the only game to feature Pyramid Head (very interesting character, and not just some monster, as depicted in the movie).

Also, if you are not easily scared by older graphics, and would learn the controls, try SH1 on PlayStation, it's a classic (WAY better than crappy Hollywood script). IMO, SH3 was not all that good, and SH4 did not even feel like Silent Hill anymore. Hopefully, next game is better.

It's sort of like Burnout in it's usage. If you die you can rewind and try that section again or re-spawn from where you died with an automatic pause menu. Nifty feature but ultimately not really required.
@logical123:I was thinking the exact same thing Tongue A new good sonic game is like a bright light in these dark economical times. Oooh, I feel poetic today. Wink
I hate this feature... always giving me games to buy that I didn't even know were coming out >_<

The gamer in me thanks you, but my wallet curses you forever.
@Rajaat the Warbringer: I hate doing this feature too. It makes me so sad knowing there's so much coming out that I want to get. Starting next week and pretty much all the way up to mid December, I will be shedding tears while compiling this list. Cheesy

@Sirgin: That is deep.

@c2863: It does seem that way, but it could be fun to mess with, especially for an old game you've played so many times.

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