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I'm not dead, I just took a week off to do my final exams and stuff like that. Plus, this time of year is dead anyways, so I figured it could wait. So, here's what came out last week and what's out this week.

Playstation 3Xbox 360Nintendo Wii
Rise of the Argonauts
Sonic Unleashed (get the Wii/PS2 version instead)
Rise of the Argonauts

Calvin Tucker's Redneck Jamboree  
Neopets Puzzle Adventure
Rock Band 2
Summer Sports 2: Island Sports Party
The Tale of Despereaux
Word Jong Party 

PSPNintendo DSPlaystation 2
Dungeon Maker II: The Hidden War

Band Manager  
Lost Secrets: Bermuda Triangle 
Hidden Expedition: Amazon
Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge
Prince of Persia
Rise of the Argonauts 
RPG Fantasy Action Pack
The Tale of Despereaux
Zoo Tycoon 2 Ultimate Collection
Animal Boxing 
Australia Zoo Quest 
Candace Kane's Candy Factory 
Cate West The Vanishing Files 
Driver's Ed Portable 
Dreamer: Horse Trainer 
Dreamer: Puppy Trainer 
Learn Math
Left Brain Right Brain 2 
Mystery P.I.: Portrait of a Thief 
Slingo Quest
The Tale of Despereaux
Rock Band 2
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
The Tale of Despereaux

Very boring, am I right? Get used to it. That's what the next few weeks are going to be like.

The only highlight here is Persona 4 for the PS2. I don't know much about it other than it's a weeaboo JRPG with an even more weeaboo translation that keeps all the honorifics and stuff on there. Also, you commit suicide to gain powers. Apparently it's good if you're into that kind of thing, but I'll stick to Fallout 3 thank you very much.

So, next week, I don't think anything is coming out. Literally, nothing.

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From the urban dictionary:

weeaboo: A game whereby the one who is caught saying the word weeaboo must be chained to a pipe and paddled by all around him/her. Those with the paddles must chant weeaboo until the paddling is finished and the one chained to a pipe is released.

weeaboo: A word filter for the image board that replaces the word wapanese. Originates arbitrarily from a Perry Bible Fellowship comic strip wherein a man was paddled by a crowd chanting "Weeaboo!

Weeaboo: Someone who is obsessed with Japan/Japanese Culture/Anime, etc. and attempts to act as if they were Japanese, even though they're far from it. They use Japanese words but usually end up pronouncing them wrong and sounding like total assholes. You can find alot of these faggots clogging up the forums of Gaia Online, hanging out in the international aisle of the supermarket, or crowding the manga section of your local bookstore. Synonym of wapanese.


So it's either about group spanking or mispronunciation. Tongue
Finally the long awaited Calvin Tucker's Redneck Jamboree is out. The console war is over. Wii Wins huge!!!!!
Oh gawd Animal Boxing came out?!
*runs off to get a copy*
Good job actually reading up on the game. Persona 3 involved the "suicide" to call forth his or her Persona. Where as in 4 (And every other Persona I believe) you summon them in a more old fashioned way, calling them out and breaking a card.

But you couldn't be bothered to look up facts because it's weeaboo right? America, fuck yeah!
It's more about me being me, an asshole. I didn't mean any offense or anything. Smiley
The best game of the week gets released on a console whose generation ended 2.5 years ago? Wow, that just shows what an awesome console the PS2 is. Smiley
Well, the PlayStation 2 is far from dead...and it looks like it will stay alive well into 2009, too. First, we get Persona 4 and Kingdom Hearts RE in December, then in January Ar tonelico 2 (complete with an artbook and soundtrack CD). Then, Nippon Ichi and Atlus surely are going to release some more games over the course of the year, especially NISA has made some interesting announcements lately: they confirmed that they are definitely going to release Mana-Khemia 2, and...get this...Sakura Taisen V!!!! At last, a US version of the Sakura Taisen series...I can't believe it...thank God for NISA and Atlus, the spiritual successors to Working Designs (in terms of caring about their fans and releasing small gems from Japan).
Sakura Taisen V was crap.  Ask anyone who Played the game and any of the first 4 and they will always call it such.  I'll get it but after playing the first 2 and hearing all the opinions I have for it, I have no expectations of greatness for it.

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