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Posted on Apr 2nd 2010 at 04:00:00 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Site News, April Fools, Zombie Generation

Hey! It was April 1 yesterday! A high holy day at RF Generation! April Fools! To those of you that missed Zombie Generation, sorry! Thanks to all those that helped out, specifically, Mike, Eddie, and Den! They are the best! We love April Fools, and without them it'd just be me working on April Fools, and we'd get something like Pretty Generation... pretty as a posy...

Keep it tuned to Channel 3!

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I hate April Fools Day.....
@Chaos Punk sXe:Not on here you shouldn't Smiley
@Link41: I just hate the idea that for and entire day, I will be messed with and annoyed, as if I don't get that enough on a regular basis.
I love April fools. Mainly because of the fond memory of having unlocked Reala in Christmas Nights that very day long ago.
Also because you never know what RFG will become.
Zombie Generation was awesome though...we should have alternate skins like Zombie Generation to utilize.


Wait, what? I'm not a zombie anymore?
I missed it because of work :-/
Is there an altboard i can check out still :-/
I got to see some of it.
Great work this year guys!
Den once again phenomenal design Smiley (I am assuming the art was all yours.)
@Izret101: Of course!
Thanks much for showing me the site Dave.
I was pretty disheartened when i realized i had missed it.

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