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Posted on Apr 8th 2009 at 03:39:26 AM by (TraderJake)
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You know what? We have a chat. It's absurd, and it's fun. Want to see a sample of our absurdity? Sure you do:

[23:32] *** TraderFake is now known as Alfaxxor.
[23:33] Alfabor: doesn't rhyme.
[23:33] Alfabor: nice try.
[23:33] Alfaxxor: I DO NOT CARE
[23:33] Alfabor: better luck next time.
[23:33] Alfaxxor: Tongue
[23:33] Alfacor: You don`t add more, you`re messing it up!
[23:33] Alfacor: Now he`s not gonna give you +o
[23:33] Alfaxxor: YES!
[23:33] Alfacor: YOU`RE MISSING OUT
[23:33] *** Alfaxxor has been kicked from #rfgeneration by Alfabor: you damn well better make your name right
[23:33] Alfabor: oops.
[23:33] Alfabor: he doesn't know how we roll, does he.
[23:34] Alfacor: Nope.
[23:34] Alfabor: whoops.
[23:34] Alfabor: oh well.
[23:34] Alfabor: well, he was a nice guy.
[23:34] Alfabor: way to lose that member.
[23:34] Alfabor: he apparently does not have autorejoin
[23:34] Alfacor: Yep, he`s gotta do it right.
[23:34] Alfabor: so... will he ever come back.

And that is the $64,000 question. Did Lios come back? The only way you will know is if you join #rfgeneration. So yeah, won't you join us? JOIN US, WON'T YOU?

Click Here for our Chat Page

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I finally made the front page! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Stop copying me
Look, Dave was the one who said I should join your name crew, and I did, and it rocked SO HARD.
Man, how do I keep missing these? I knew I should've gone into the chat last night...
I keep forgetting to log on.
I got kicked on April fools. I was signed in as a guest it was fun Smiley
I didn't know we had a member with a "poop eating condition". I still would like to apologize for insulting said member.

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