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Posted on Nov 4th 2008 at 08:26:17 PM by (TraderJake)
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That looks really complicated to do, doesn't it? It's okay though, I only played sax, clarinet and recorder, and I don't think you can do anything like that on any of those instruments. Pure awesome? I think so.

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Wow. What?
An organ is a such a cool instrument. nod

But that dino suit was crazy. Tongue

Not an organ. Tongue

A Yamaha Electone! Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy
Hum....this looks like it belongs in the random video thread instead of the front page.  Cool nonetheless.
@logical123:But still an organ. Smiley
Thats crazy
The one for Dragon Quest 4 was simply amazing.  That's more talent then I ever had.
@St0rmTK421: Nah, that's Fountain of Dreams Theme from Kirby. It's gaming related!

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