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Posted on Dec 13th 2008 at 06:45:08 PM by (TraderJake)
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Now, generally I do not like to review something until I have completely beat the game, and as such, this post is going to be impressions of the game, which to a certain extent is probably a review.

For those of you not in the know, I got the first disbursement of my sign-on bonus this week, and promptly splurged it on a PlayStation 3. Of course, the very first game that I bought was LittleBigPlanet. Why wouldn't I have bought that game first? Everything I've seen about it on the internet suggests that it oozes creativity. To a certain extent, it shows that this generation Sony and not Nintendo has the creativity wand when it comes to games. I had to buy this game, and by golly I did.

LittleBigPlanet is based around the concept that this world managed by Creator Curators is created by the combined imagination of the world and you, as Sackboy, get to explore it. On the surface of playing the game, LittleBigPlanet is a semi 2D platformer. You can only move left, right, or back and forth in the background. But, see, just because the game is in essence a 2D platformer does not take away from the fact that it oozes with creativity and fun.

This game is customizable, and not just a little customizable, but "HAVE AT IT WON'T YOU?" customizable. As you progress through the game you are gifted and obtain lots of stickers, objects, and doodads to fool around with. In story mode, these stickers can be placed wherever, and sometimes these stickers serve as triggers. But, the real beauty of collecting these customizations is the fact that the game allows you to create your own levels. These aren't some corny shallow level but often full fledged levels limited only by the imagination of the creator, and that's really neat. Theoretically you could never run out of levels to play because the community keeps pumping them out. It's really truly amazing.

That said, the Media Molecule (developer) levels are also very cool. Basically, each creator curator has a theme and mini storyline that ties in with the other curators, and levels get harder and harder as you progress through the story. Of course, once you beat a level there are plenty of reasons to go back. See, chances are you won't be able to get all 100% of the items on your first go, so there will always be that reason to come back to the level. Secondly, you could play the level by yourself, or you could play the level with someone online. The neat thing about that is that you sometimes have to have another Sackboy with you to get certain items and cause certain events to occur. Thing is though that I am so addicted to the game that I just want to beat it through before playing with someone online, so I don't know for sure how that works, but I imagine it's pretty cool.

From customizing your own levels to customizing your Sackboy, you have a lot of freedom in this game, and this freedom makes the game so damn enjoyable. I'd say I am about 70ish% through the story mode, and this game keeps calling me back. If you have a PS3 I don't think you have to buy the game, but you'd be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn't at least try it out. After all, Sackboy is so damn lovable. Forget Home's avatars, Sackboy should be our official Sony avatars. He's just so damn precious.

Have the game? Want the game? What are your impressions of LittleBigPlanet? Is it everything you thought it would be, or is it something that you hope it will be?

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Should have got MGS4, but LBP is cool too.
So far, this is the game that makes me want a PS3. It's not enough to make me go buy a PS3, but maybe with the next price drop...
Played the game at a friends house one evening, for all the hype that Sony has been making about this game I was left somewhat unimpressed. Its not a bad game just average, there is some cool content online but I could not see myself playing for more than a week or two. Perhaps when users start creating more unique stuff and less just copies of other ideas it might grow on me. Still have yet to consider purchasing a PS3 there are some decent titles out for it but none that justify for myself reason to get one.

One a side note I saw Sony has put out some DLC which is some outfits for the sack's but at 2 bucks each or 4 for 6 dollars not really a bargain.
A must-buy for me when I get a PS3.

This and MGS4, of course.

Oh, and Ratchet & Clank: ToD too.

You know MGS isn't my cup of tea. Smiley
@Sirgin: You mean the only buys that you can't get on other systems.
Also, did you get any blue-rays? That would be the selling point for me.
I'm not a massive PS3 fan - i think it's been slow on delivering decent excusilves and Home seems like another misguided attempt at doing some different (pointless). But with LBP Sony was right to hype this up.

This is the single most original game of the current generation and finally delivers something to the PS3 worth shouting about. The game is lots of fun to play and each level packs in lots of cool ideas. The editor is brilliant if you have the time to get to grips with it - which you need to do to make a half decent level.

I've had loads of fun playing this on my own and with my daughter - it works on lots of different levels. I think the biggest problem with the game is the lack of marketing and the fact that it's a flag ship game which is now available in the bargain bins..which is a shame.

Finally - something great and unique to the PS3 - my Game of the Year
@Shimra:No, if I meant all games you can't get on other systems I had to include Motorstorm, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Resistance, Resistance 2 and Heavenly Sword.

- LBP is a game that appeals to me because it is different.
- I'd get MGS4 because I'm a MGS fan (haven't played all games in the series though)
- And Ratchet & Clank because I'm a fan of that series as well.

I find it annoying when people reduce the PS3 to the few exclusives the system have, while conveniently "forgetting" more than half of them.

I'm still a last gen gamer but eventually (give it another year or 2) I'll have all 3 systems sitting under my TV. Wink

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