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Posted on Nov 23rd 2008 at 09:28:36 PM by (TraderJake)
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Guess what? This last week or so has just been a plethora of birthdays for gaming related things. Well, 4 years ago from today Blizzard released the behemoth known as World of Warcraft upon the masses, and since that time it's been sucking productive members of society into the realm of the recluses.

Sure, WoW has made lots of money for Blizzard. Wildly successful is a good way to describe it. You know, a lot of people want to be a Nightelf Mohawk, or at least Mr. T wants to be a Nightelf Mohawk. He can be whatever he wants and I pity the fool who says otherwise. The truth is that lots of people play the game, and chances are that you might know someone who has been affected by this game. Maybe you have been affected by this game? Inquiring minds want to know.

Of course it's been successful, but it's because of many people unlike me. See, I refuse to even create an account because I've seen what it can do. Of course, right now I live in Maryland and know no one so it's not like I have a social life to lose, but when I did have a social life I sure as hell did not want it to succumb to WoW addiction. Perhaps you've thought differently.

Well, congrats Blizzard on four successful years of WoW, and for some reason I am sure you'll have at least four more years if not more of the same. Here's to you WoW, and to my friends currently dredging through Azeroth, it's been nice knowing you, but I understand your priorities lie with the Horde. It's cool. Someday the servers will go down, and when they do you'll either have moved on to an MMORPG or reintegrated into society. Here's to you.

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I lol'ed at the "realm of the recluses". Tongue

But the whole addicting factor to games like WoW is not the game itself (well, it plays an important role, sure) but that the whole community is like a whole social life in itself.

So people aren't really giving up their social life; they're merely trading it in for an online one. Wink

I'm glad I never played WoW myself either though. Smiley
Eh, I logged over 70 days, never really let it get ahead of my social life or schoolwork though. Moving into my new house I let my social and school life get ahead of WoW, quit that shit, granted I'll probably be back soon.
I want to play sooooooo badly, but I see the effects of WoW on life.  WoW kills people's lives Smiley
@blcklblskt: No, no you really don't.
I guess I one of the ones who didn't want to become addicted, so I never tried it either. Although even if it wasn't so notorious for stealing people's lives, I probably still wouldn't have tried because I've never played a Warcraft game at all before and because I don't have a computer good enough to run a large game like that.

Although, when The Maligned Leon said he has logged 70 days in, I was initially thinking "damn, that's a lot of time to waste" but then I realized I've got almost 62 days logged into RFGeneration. A full week more than the Directors.
Never played. Co-workers tried to pull me in, but I resisted.
I've never played it... but I don't play online games. Especially when I have to pay for the game, then pay to play it.
Outside of the fact that my PC is a dinosaur, I've never wanted to play it because of the monthly cost to play just that 1 game.

I mean, I have no issue with paying for a year's worth of Xbox live, because it allows me to play 99% of the games with online capability for just 1 price. I can pick and choose what I play and when to play. And I stay away from games with WoW-like individual monthly subscription costs (i.e. PSO, FF11) because I don't want to feel as though I "have" to play them to get my money's worth.

That's the rub, really. WoW draws people in due to the overall quality of the game. Then, they charge you a monthly fee of $9.99 or more (I may be off on the numbers) just so you can "keep" playing this one game. And imo, that's where a good portion of the addiction comes into play.

Blizzard sure knows how to pimp!

I will never play World of Warcraft.

I have played on and off since day one of release. I play it while I enjoy it and when I don't enjoy it, I take some time out or quit for 6 months or so. It's a great game but perspective and moderation are important (to me).
@phoenix1967:This is how I feel too, I don't want to have to spend my money to buy a game and then spend more every month to get to play it.

Also I'm not a very social person so I'd be too shy
I saw this post when looking for something relating to wow.

I just have to say to the naysayers, that you're all missing out on one of the best games I've ever played. I can't think of a game that not only updates itself every week, upgrades itself every few months, and has an open forum where the developers go to get feedback on every aspect of the game. Most of these things other online games charge for independently, rather than the monthly style Blizzard set up with wow.

So not only are you playing a constantly updated game, but you have the ability to suggest ideas, and submit feedback on the things that don't work, or you dislike. Not to mention how entangled and rich the story(stories) are, with each area having a history of events, a semi-realistic climate pattern, and every zone being fought over for control (in the form of quests.) I've thought about it for some time, and I believe the entire environment of wow to be about the size of a small state.

I also play for xbox live, but I hardly ever get to play because most xbox games can seem boring once you've played the beast that is World of Warcraft. It honestly feels weird jumping back into say Halo 3 or Left 4 Dead when you've been playing an action RPG for so long.

And as for being addicted, that's just a personality trait, if there was a better game to play, I'd be playing it. But in no way does wow keep me from going out on thursday, or the whole weekend for that matter. You can log in for an hour or so a day and still be completing things, or go raid a dungeon with 10-30 other people for up to 3-4 hours at a time.

Wow is the most flexible, worth-the-money game on the market.

@jcalder: I'm fairly shy when it comes to large groups of people too, but the more you play, and more you learn, the easier it is to jump into a conversation, especially about wow itself. And with guilds you can be with a group of people you've already gotten to know and group up with them whenever they're on.

P.S. I used to make fun of my friends for playing this game, until my turn was up on gears of war and one of them had be try it out on his PC. I've been playing ever since (2 years ago)
@blcklblskt: You can always try the 15-Day free trial right off of the website, and if you don't like it, never play it again.

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