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Posted on Feb 5th 2009 at 04:02:24 AM by (TraderJake)
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Wow, I didn't really expect the outpouring that we have received. On January 11 we posted a finance update, and since that time you guys have really came through with the donations. I'd like to thank the following people for their recent donations:

  • Alfador
  • BadEnoughDude
  • cverz2
  • Cobra
  • eaglebeak99
  • ga5ket
  • Hedonism Bot
  • Izret101

  • kevincal
  • Kimoosabi
  • logical123
  • Marriott_guy
  • Mrs C

  • NES_Rules
  • Nik the Communist
  • OatBob
  • phoenix1967
  • shoes123

On behalf of everyone at RF Generation, I thank you for your donations. It really helps keeps the site running the way its meant to be! Your donations keep this site going and ad free. The community is truly grateful for the donations that you all have made.

Of course, if you would like to still donate, we are always accepting donations. Any donations made will solely support the operation of the site, and we will always appreciate the donation. If you are interested in donating yourself this link has the info necessary for donating.

Again, from all of us at RF Generation, thank you for your donations. It truly has touched our hearts.

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No problem at all donating man, just keep up the good work! Cheesy
I actually donated twice!

I love the site and the internet would be a whole heap of boring without it.
Congratulations to all the new donors! Smiley

I also want to thank everyone for helping to keep this site going great. Having to resort to ads wouldn't of helped RF Gen much since the IE users would probably be the only ones to see them anyway.
Glad to contribute. Cool You guys do a great job! Thanks.
Thanks for donating guys!  We all appreciate it.
My donation was long over due. i just hadn't realized how much it was to keep the site going.

it would be great if everyone could just donate a few bucks the site would paid up for months
Congrats to all donors and thanks from everyone at Rfgen. 

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