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Posted on Mar 1st 2009 at 10:30:31 PM by (TraderJake)
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Wow, it's been a while. I am really sorry about that. You guys deserve more credit than when I feel like it. Hopefully we can get more consistent updates as to our database's grow from here on out.

Anyways, we've had quite a few submissions in the last two months, 4989 to be exact. 2167 new images. Damn! Who did all these submissions? Why, it's people like ga5ket, who is kicking ass and taking names as the top submitter so far of 2009! But, he's not making submissions alone, Pop_Culture_Portal, Funk_Buddy and Fuyukaze are right behind him in the hunt for top submitter. They're not alone though, and these people have also done their part to keep our site growing with 50 or more submissions in the last two months:

  • ga5ket
  • Pop Culture Portal
  • Funk_Buddy
  • Fuyukaze
  • Tan
  • ApolloBoy
  • y2ritchie
  • eaglebeak99
  • Donkey Kong Kid
  • Madir
  • NES_Rules
  • theGrue
  • Sirgin
  • Data
  • Tynstar
  • Cambot

  • Zenki
  • Moriya Hanzo
  • Darth Sidious
  • Rajaat the Warbringer
  • sharp

Of course, when there are all these people making a whole hell of a lot of submissions, we need to have a dedicated group of staff members to review your submissions. Well, who's been doing that, you ask? Why, it's been mostly Tan and NES_Rules, our number one and two reviewers! Of course, Apolloboy, Fuyukaze, bum-man, and Funk_Buddy haven't been slacking around either each doing their part for more than 50 submissions in the last two months. Thanks goes to them for their hard work.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for your submissions, even if you didn't make enough to get mentioned explicitly in our post, know that your submissions keep our site growing and strong. For that, we are truly thankful. 

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Yay, I was wondering if you'd ever write one of these again. Cheesy
I do what I can to help out the community.I have submitted as much info as I can
As always, glad to be of service when I can. Smiley
@Rajaat the Warbringer:A little off-topic here, but you really have the coolest username ever. Cheesy
Thanks, I love to use obscure references for my usernames on anything Smiley

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