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Posted on Apr 4th 2009 at 12:22:05 AM by (TraderJake)
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March. It's the month after February, and see, it's another one of these months of the year. And with each passing year comes new submissions for the site. Last month saw 2894 new submissions for the site, of which the games database saw 2818 new submissions. You know, I think you can hear the hardware database crying in the distance because it's being neglected. Won't you do something about that? Ah, I kid, I kid. Sure, submit more stuff for the hardware database, but over 2800 submissions is no small feat, and I am ever appreciative for that. Also, we added 466 new images to our databases last month. That's nice, isn't it?

So, who kicked ass, took names, and reigned as the top submitter last month? Why, it was our prodigal son, Izret101! I guess being away from staff duties for a long time made him really want to make 836 submissions last month. Although, he could just be driven. Who knows. Of course, ApolloBoy, Madir and Pop Culture Portal weren't really slacking either. They were the next highest submitters, and kudos goes to them. Of course, we want to recognize everyone who made submissions last month, and give kudos to those of you that made more than 50 submissions last month:

Izret101, ApolloBoy, Madir, Pop Culture Portal, ga5ket, Tan, audioman83, Funk_Buddy,  Zenki.

Thanks goes to them and everyone else who made submissions last month!

In addition, many of these submissions need to be approved by staff members. Last month, NES_Rules was our top approver, with a whopping 390 approvals. Of course, many other staff members approved your submissions, and thanks goes to all of them, especially those who made more than 50 submissions:

NES_Rules, ga5ket, ApolloBoy, Tan

I really appreciate all of you who have reviewed the submissions and made the submissions. It is YOU guys that make our site grow. I just provide the scripts that allow you to do it. From all of us at RF Generation, Thanks!

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Keep up the good work guys! Smiley
Thanks to all who made contributions, I love approving them Grin
And I think this was the first time in many months, I didn't make more than 50 submissions, school was a bitch and with not many new games coming in, there wasn't anything to scan. Luckily, I've already got more than 50 submissions for April Tongue
@NES_Rules: Well good! Submissions are FANTASTIC!
I was hoping to follow up with last months mass of updates to the PS2 database.
1/5th of the way thru i have only updated maybe 2 dozen pages?

Looks like i'll have to branch out sooner than i wanted to :-/
I might run out of my volumes of outdated info much sooner than i had anticipated!

Which is actually a good thing. So i'd like to also thank everyone who has been keeping us updated with fresh stocks of information/images/additions Smiley
@Izret101:oops forgot to say i was 1/5th thru the PSX titles. I went thru all of the PS2 ones last month Wink
Dont worry this month I will keep plugging away with more images and games to add, as I grow my currently humble collection I try to add images as they are needed. Have to give it up to NES_Rules for always answering any questions I have had regarding submissions.
Today is scanner day for OatBob!

Uh oh.  scanner day turned into Halo day.
Gah, didnt submit anything in march.  Just approved.  Need more time in day.  Less work, more time.  Havent had time to update collection.  Think I've got a small collection to add to my collection.  I swear if I ever win the lotto, I think I'll just quit work and sleep alot.

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