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Posted on Jun 20th 2009 at 01:24:36 AM by (TraderJake)
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It's been a while since I last thanked you guys for your submissions, and trust me, we are greatly thankful. Without your submissions, our site wouldn't grow, and that would just lead to a greater obscurity than we already have. We don't want that. Did you know that in May we had 7800 submissions? Damn. That's a lot. Even wilder is the fact that we had over 5300 images added in that month. Pretty wild, if you ask me. As a comparison, in April we had 3106 submissions, which, while respectable, is greatly trumped by May's submissions.

What does that mean? Well, it means that some of you play to win a contest. And one of you did. Who is that winner? Well, we've tabulated the scores, and even with a halved score, Ga5ket is the winner! He kicked ass and took names with submissions over the duration of the contest. In May alone he had 3212 submissions, of which almost all were image submissions. Truly, he played to win. Ga5ket, do yourself a favor and PM St0rmTK421 with your shirt size, what you want (not to exceed $60) and details about getting your spoils to you.

Of course, some of you also played hard, and I'd like to give kudos to those who gave a valiant effort. y2ritchie, VACRMH, and Lios (even with the murderous -74 karma), you all did well. Of course, the last person in that list would have done a lot better had his karma not been so low, but yeah, don't worry, maybe next year.

There were countless other individuals that made submissions, and we are greatly appreciative for the contest. From all of us at RF Generation, thanks!

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YAY Ga5ket!!! Cheesy
Congrats, Ga5ket !!! Cheesy
Congratulations Ga5ket!
You've deserve winning after taking all those screenshots. Keep up the good work!

For everyone else who participated in the contest, thank you, we need everyone submitting what ever they can if the site is to stay THE Modern and Classic Video Game Database.
Damn Ga5ket! and I thought me submitting all those Mega CD demos in one day was OTT! lol
Thanks guys! I've got to admit that I didn't think I'd done it, I thought it'd go to y2ritchie. He was constantly submitting stuff, and he didn't get a half score!
congrats ga5ket! see screenshots do rule
Way to go ga5ket. You obviously went above and beyond to win with a halved score. While I am getting to know more and more people on the site, yours is truly an example to follow. Keep it up!
Gratz mate. I knew I couldn't catch your halved score on that final weekend. I gave up knowing that I'd continue submitting after the competition had ended. Smiley I had a look at the submission stats near the end of the competition and it looked like a grand result between us all. Smiley Cheers!
Good job, man, ga5ket! Over 3000 submissions is a LOT.

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