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Posted on Sep 19th 2008 at 02:46:25 AM by (TraderJake)
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Praise the Gods! Our humble beseeching was heard by our humble lords. Our penitent pleas have been recognized by Yevon and in doing so he has ensured that the Wii was in fact the top selling console in Japan last week. What will Yevon do for us next week? Might he protect us from Sin? I only dread the thought of what city could become the next Zanarkand. They embraced technology too much, and in doing so were punished for the techological zeal. That's why I use a laptop powered by a hand crank, praise Yevon. Oh lordy, praise Yevon, for he is GOOD. Like I know that the Wii only sold 1500 more consoles than the 360 last week in Japan, but it least the cosmic order remains.

Oh merciful Yevon, what won't you do to protect your people? How we citizens of Spira praise your magnificence! Save Spira from Sin, in the name of Maester Seymour Guado! May we never experience the same fate as Zanarkand! Guardians, protect us!

Xbox 360 The Best Selling Console In Japan? Media Create Says 'No'

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Whoa... David... Are you feeling okay? I have never read a more colorful article in my life, and I mean that in a good way! Cheesy
Thank God.
conspiracy theory!
Phew, at least we are somewhat safe now...
At the very least it gives me hope that the Japanese aren't completely under Nintendo's "spell", if you will...throwing crap onto the market and having the masses eat it up doesn't deserve to pay off, and yet misguided, overpriced shlock like Wii Play and Wii Fit sell like hotcakes. I am through with Nintendo on the home console market, and I am starting to root for the 360 - by far the best games library of the current gen so far. After all, it has more to offer than just the handful of Nintendo licenses on the Wii. It's even more satisfying to see high quality RPGs like Tales of Vesperia giving the 360 a little boost, which shows that Microsoft is on the right track - now every genre has been covered quite nicely on the box, and more is yet to come.
And I don't really understand the hate toward Microsoft, anyway. Just because they're relatively new doesn't mean they're Satan's army or something. Sony used to be a newcomer as well, and now they're an established player on the market. Don't hate, investigate - it's at the very least better than clinging onto Nintendo out of blind devotism or nostalgia. Nintendo is beginning to abandon its core players, now that even a lame rehash of Animal Crossing is supposed to be the Christmas smash hit for true gamers...and I doubt this will change due to their success. I can only hope they'll end up failing sooner or later so they'll rething their philosophy and come back to their senses...I mean, look at the DS, the amount of quality games there means that Nintendo can't have just lost it, they are simply being blinded by their success.
Somebody has been playing a bit too much Final Fantasy X.... Tongue Wink Want me to review that game, TJ?

@Darth Sidious:I agree with you about the Wii - 360 thing. The 360 has the best next-gen line-up by far. (Mostly because it came out before the PS3, though) Nintendo doesn't have an excuse as to why they don't bring out more for their Wii.
"Oh lordy, praise Yevon, for he is GOOD."

I lol'ed when I saw that. Smiley

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