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Posted on Apr 2nd 2009 at 10:30:16 PM by (TraderJake)
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You know, the Church of RF Generation was fantastic. It might have been a little late, but late to the party is better than no party at all. I'd like to give Den props for the idea, images, and color palette. It truly was fun.

As many of you know, we started our server move Sunday Night. It didn't exactly go to plan. Something bad happened which kept us from coming back in time. In that emptiness, I hope you found something to keep yourself occupied. If you didn't, rest assured that we are back and on a new, faster, better server. It's nice. Also, we have a better control panel and we we're saving six dollars a month. Hooray to that.

I hope you enjoyed our April Fools joke. It was fun. If you're new here, April Fools is a High Holy Day for RF Generation, and we go all out. Additionally, we do not take suggestions for April Fools, so don't even try. I'll ignore any message regarding it. Might even block you. We take pleasure in knowing that only a certain few people know the gag, and it's generally a surprise. From Composite Generation, to Pretty Generation to Toddler Generation to Geriatric Generation to the most recent Church of RF Generation... we love April Fools. Until next year!

Posted on May 2nd 2008 at 04:00:00 AM by (TraderJake)
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You know what happens when your April Fools joke is horribly cut short by your old web host? The answer is, that we at RF Generation get rather irked. You see, we at RF Generation see April Fools as a high holy day. We really, really enjoy April Fools, and well, our old host suspending our site made us a bunch of sad pandas.

Thankfully, our April Fools joke was geriatric in nature. One of the aspects of old age lends itself nicely to our predicament. Old people, unfortunately for them, tend to lose track of things, including the date. So, surprise! Happy May Fools!

Wed like to thank everyone who was involved in our little joke, especially our resident graphic artist den68. He kicks ass. We thought about waiting until next year to show off Geriatric Generation, but doing this joke on May 1 probably led to a WTF moment for lots of people, which is exactly what we wanted to do, because we at RF Generation like to have our fun.

Of course, Geriatric Generation is the latest in a long line of April Fools Jokes, and I can almost guarantee that come next April First, there will be a whole new experience to be had. Between then and now, there might be other new things. We dont know. Perhaps. Perhaps not. I hear that if you give us a shrubbery we might be more inclined to add stuff. Strike that. Two shrubberies.

From all of us at RF Generation, keep it glued to channel three!

Posted on Jun 6th 2007 at 10:16:15 PM by (TraderJake)
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Yes, it was an April fools joke, just like my personal favorite April Fools joke, Pretty Generation, where everyone was pretty as a posy. What a beautiful time that was.

For those of you who did not see the April fools joke, you can find Toddler Generation here. You can also find the posts of April Fools in the the April Fools category of the forum. This won't be a permanent category, and will likely be decommissioned in a week or two. So get to seeing those posts if you haven't seen them yet.

Luckily for you guys, unlike the previous two years the site remained fully functional today save for the hideous color pallette that was Toddler Generation. As such, any changes you made to your collection on April 1 will remain them, and any submissions made also still exist. I'd like to thank our resident graphic artist den68 and our Database Director Eddie Herrmann with assisting me with the joke, this would have been much harder without them.

For those of you who wonder about the previous April Fools jokes of the site, here is a list of them in chronological order:

As you can see, this is a reoccurring theme here at RF Generation, so you can expect to see another one of these jokes come again next year. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Having said that, we have a lot of things cooking at RF Generation. Our third birthday is coming up, and you can expect to see some contest and birthday bash in 4 weeks. Also, we've began the extremely arduous process in cleaning up the site and making it use CSS tags. I guess you could call it a site redesign. Don't expect to see the new site rolling out in the near future, but I thought that perhaps you might like to know what's cooking at RF Generation. As that gets closer to fruition I am sure more will be said about that project.

As always stay tuned to RF Generation. More is certainly going to follow when you keep it tuned to channel three.

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