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Posted on Nov 24th 2011 at 07:42:35 PM by (TraderJake)
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I know it is only Thanksgiving in the US, but I still want to wish all a happy Thanksgiving, be you American or not. For those of you that are, may the Turkey be plentiful and tasty.

On a completely different note, the Type of Release field is has been added to our database. At this time, you cannot see it on games or hardware pages because this is a mandatory field that will allow users to filter out entries they feel are extraneous from the database. Many users feel that RF Generation has grown beyond the original scope of the site. For those that feel that way, while we cannot undo the major changes in scope, we hope that this addition will help those that feel the database has grown to be unwieldy.

Please help our staff set types of release for all entries. Please note if you make any edit to the database you will be required now to also set the Type of Release field if it is not set. I must stress again that this field is mandatory.

Should you come across any major technical glitches with this please PM me about the glitch. Any questions or comments about the actual content of the field should be directed to a DB Editor or Mike.

I hope you enjoy this new addition, and oh yeah, Keep it on Channel Three.

-Your Friendly PHP Programmer

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