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Posted on Apr 8th 2009 at 03:39:26 AM by (TraderJake)
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You know what? We have a chat. It's absurd, and it's fun. Want to see a sample of our absurdity? Sure you do:

[23:32] *** TraderFake is now known as Alfaxxor.
[23:33] Alfabor: doesn't rhyme.
[23:33] Alfabor: nice try.
[23:33] Alfaxxor: I DO NOT CARE
[23:33] Alfabor: better luck next time.
[23:33] Alfaxxor: Tongue
[23:33] Alfacor: You don`t add more, you`re messing it up!
[23:33] Alfacor: Now he`s not gonna give you +o
[23:33] Alfaxxor: YES!
[23:33] Alfacor: YOU`RE MISSING OUT
[23:33] *** Alfaxxor has been kicked from #rfgeneration by Alfabor: you damn well better make your name right
[23:33] Alfabor: oops.
[23:33] Alfabor: he doesn't know how we roll, does he.
[23:34] Alfacor: Nope.
[23:34] Alfabor: whoops.
[23:34] Alfabor: oh well.
[23:34] Alfabor: well, he was a nice guy.
[23:34] Alfabor: way to lose that member.
[23:34] Alfabor: he apparently does not have autorejoin
[23:34] Alfacor: Yep, he`s gotta do it right.
[23:34] Alfabor: so... will he ever come back.

And that is the $64,000 question. Did Lios come back? The only way you will know is if you join #rfgeneration. So yeah, won't you join us? JOIN US, WON'T YOU?

Click Here for our Chat Page

Posted on Nov 2nd 2008 at 04:07:49 PM by (TraderJake)
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[10:33] TraderJake: hooray first day of daylight standard time!
[10:33] Malygris: Yup. Whee.
[10:34] * TraderJake hates DST
[10:36] JamesF: you guys are behind the times
[10:36] JamesF: DST was last week
[10:36] Malygris: afk a bit
[10:36] JamesF: maybe the week before, i forget
[10:36] TraderJake: for you guys it was
[10:36] TraderJake: but they kicked it back a week for for the children!
[10:38] TraderJake: you know... halloween is big here in the states
[10:39] TraderJake: speaking of which, have you crafted your guy fawkes effigy yet to be burned at the stake on wednesday?
[10:40] JamesF: nah
[10:40] JamesF: its too wet to bother celebrating anything
[10:40] TraderJake: but bonfire night seems like such a fun holiday to celebrate
[10:40] TraderJake: what could be more fun that burning things?
[10:41] TraderJake: aside from plotting to blow up parliament, of course
[10:41] JamesF: chavs using fireworks?

At #rfgeneration, we like to have interesting discussions. A lot of time they are random, and periodically they are related to gaming, or in James' case, letting the room know that he is going to go and listen to music in his Mini. See, it's truly a fun time, where we don't really have a set topic and things just go with the flow. So, that said, why aren't you in the chat with us? It's easy! #rfgeneration on quakenet is our location, and if that's too hard for you why not check out this page for the nitty gritty on joining. Won't you join us? JOIN US, WILL YOU?!

Posted on Oct 19th 2008 at 03:06:47 PM by (TraderJake)
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Did you know that RF Generation has a chat room?? We really, truly do, and we like to talk about stuff in that chat room. Be it about gaming, collecting, or truly random crap, our chat room is a wonderful melting pot of the Unrelated Series of Thoughts thread in real time. Did I mention that we're not hateful like other chat rooms seen throughout the series of tubes? Won't you join us? It's pretty damn easy to do.

Why not see some of the crap we talk about in #rfgeneration. Sounds as though we'd like to see you in the chat with us:

[11:01] Malygris: Personally I'd be quite happy with a big ol' "COME IN AND CHAT" link to the channel on the front page along with a button that will manually show you who's in.
[11:01] logical123: i've been vouching for that for a while
[11:01] logical123: Tongue
[11:01] TraderJake: one visits the front page
[11:01] TraderJake: it's just there for show
[11:01] logical123: I do
[11:01] Malygris: Well, wherever. On the main forum page then?
[11:01] logical123: I visit it everydat
[11:02] logical123: *day
[11:02] logical123: poopoo peepee diaper babies
[11:02] logical123: XD
[11:02] Malygris: It just seems to me that RFG is a fairly decent-sized community, so we should be able to pull in more people to the chat than just the regular half-dozen we've been getting since we came here.
[11:02] logical123: yeah... This chat fails to the third degree
[11:03] TraderJake: people are too preoccupied with tracking their collections
[11:03] * logical123 throws rocks at all the peeps idling
[11:03] Malygris: I don't think it's necessarily a big deal, I like it the way it is just fine, but there's no sense not taking the opportunity to at least draw some attention to ourselves.

See.... we want to see you in chat. We need to see you in chat. I swear we're not an obsessive bunch, but it's certainly more fun when lots of people are in the chat and I am sure if you stick around in the chat someone is bound to show up.

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