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Sometimes at a crucial moment, chance can decide for you, but it's very scary to admit it. It is easier to live with the attitude that we are able to manage circumstances and control our own and other people's actions.

You became a team leader, you were entrusted to manage an entire project. You meticulously think through the goals and objectives, allocate responsibilities among employees. But you constantly feel that you or your team can miss something. You regularly check everything, carefully watching every step of your employees. But suddenly you fall ill and have to treat yourself at home. When you return to the office after a week, suddenly there is a problem, because of which you have to redo half of the work. You are bursting with anger, because if you had not been sick, perhaps this would not have happened. This is an example of the illusion of control when a person thinks that he can influence the circumstances. But in fact, the only thing to blame is chance. Im Dustin Bratten from wowessays and I tell, what to do with all these problems.

What is the illusion of control?
The illusion of control is a cognitive distortion that convinces us that our actions alone determine the success of an action. Scientists conducted a study in which they observed dice players. When a player wanted a big number, he made a strong dice roll. When he wanted a small number, he put less effort into the role. But the strength of the roll had no effect on the result, and the players kept trying to influence the circumstances anyway.

Why is it important for us to be in control?
There are two types of situations: the first type is work, relationships, hobbies, which require the exercise of skills and abilities, the second type of situations is gambling, contests, lottery, where chance has more influence. Where a person can influence the circumstances, he takes action - examines the situation, develops a strategy, makes a decision. In situations where chance decides, these actions are useless. But the person continues to do something anyway, hoping that it will help influence the outcome. On the one hand, the illusion of control helps us remain optimistic and work harder, forgetting that all the work can burn out in a minute. On the other hand, when things don't go according to plan, the illusion of control makes us blame ourselves even more for the unexpected.

How do you avoid falling under the hook of the illusion of control?
Before starting an important task or project, think about what directly depends on your actions and what cannot be predicted. This will help you calculate your actions more carefully and, in case of unforeseen problems, survive failure more easily. If you like this article, you can visit my website and check out other articles here https://www.wowessays.com/buy-term-papers-online/, it would be best if you stop developing different systems in situations where chance decides. Everyone wants stability and certainty, but in life, it is not. So it's worth it to just accept this fact.
Don't just blame yourself. If you failed, then analyze what happened. If you have overlooked, been lazy, or forgotten something, then draw conclusions and move on. If chance intervened - just accept the fact that it happens in life.

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