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Posted on Apr 20th 2018 at 05:11:56 PM by (wildbil52)
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This is gonna be short and sweet.  Pay attention.

Step 1-Sell a Darkstalkers board to Silver80

Step 2-Offer to swap out the Suicide battery before shipping the game to Silver80

Step 4-Order 1/2 AA Battery holders with leads to make it WAY easier to swap out the battery in the future

Step 5-Wait like almost 2 months for the battery holders to arrive from China

Step 6-Open this up:

Step 7-Remove this:

Step 7-Install this within a few minutes of removing the old battery

So now it looks like this:

Step 8-Test the game

Step 9-Really test the game

Step 10- I mean REALLY test the game (heh, heh)

OK, that's enough testing, what are you? 10 years old?

Step 11-Get your wife to write the date that you replaced the suicide battery so that people will be able to read it.

Step 12-Turn around to find your 3 year old son sitting on the couch behind you at 11:30 PM because why would he just go to bed like a normal person?  Then ask him to give you a thumbs up if everything is ok and then realize that your 3 year old son is not entirely sure how to give a "thumbs up".

Step 13-Teach your 3 year old son how to properly give a Thumbs Up

Step 14-Ship Darkstalkers to Silver80.

I hope this has been informative.

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I was entertained if nothing else  Cheesy
I always love surprise late night visits from my children.  Granted they are both heavy enough to make the floor creak now as they approach (no more 1am jump scares in the laundry room) but usually still fun.  My son is a serious party pooper though.  I mean, what twelve year-old thinks it would be better to go back to bed a 12am rather than play Castle Crashers on the projector screen (even if it is school the next day)?

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