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Posted on May 28th 2016 at 08:00:00 AM by (wildbil52)
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I bought a video game at Best Buy a few weeks ago and something interesting happened on the walk back to my car that got me thinking about a type of gamer that will never go away: the fanboy.  We all know the term, some embrace it, some refute it, but there is no denying they are here to stay.  Let me tell you what happened.

Even though I am putting my best efforts into Dark Souls for an upcoming Spoilercast with the Duke and the Crab, a good friend of mine asked me if I would let him re-integrate me with Destiny. Here is a little sample of my time with Dark Souls so far:

I got this


YES!  I am the best!

Wait, he isn't dead...


I don't got this

Anyways, back to Destiny.

If you have listened to the Collectorcast, you know that I was very high on the Destiny pre-release, including the beta.  I purchased the standard version of the game digitally because I had a ton of MS credit.  Shortly after the game was released, I soured on it.  The story was incoherent, the enemies all seemed the same, the weapons all felt same-y, and many aspects of the interface were confusing.  It appears it wasn't just me, many reviewers felt the same way, Polygon famously gave the game a 6 out of 10. It wasn't long before I called it quits.  I couldn't even sell the game because I didn't have a physical copy.  Oh well, I moved on.  Years later, I have been told by many that the problems I had with the game have largely been solved and the game was finally the game that Bungie had promised.  I found a good deal on a physical copy of Destiny: The Taken King at Gamestop, and my plan was to have Best Buy price match because I don't like Gamestop.  Here we go, on my way to Best Buy to grab the Destiny I always wanted.

This does not bode well, can they really have fixed it?[/i

I was actually pretty excited.  Not only was I feeling pretty good about my re-introduction into a game that I had been looking forward to, but I had a good friend willing to play through it with me, show me the ropes, and make some of those tough missions not so tough.  A Wingman.  I was pumped.  I went to Best Buy, found the game, picked out what looked to be the best looking copy (or at least the best I could tell whilst it was locked in the security case) and went to the front register to check out.  A nice lady rang me out, matched Gamestop's price, and I was all set to go.  As I was walking back to my car...That's when it happened.  Suddenly and without warning.

As I approached my car, two young gentlemen parked next to me appeared ready to exit their vehicle.  Being the courteous young man that I am, I wanted for the driver to exit his vehicle before entering mine.  I heard one of them say something to the other and they both smiled.  I smiled too.  I didn't hear what they said, I was just smiling to be polite, kind of like a quick nod as you pass a stranger in the mall.  I turned to get into my car and I noticed that both of them are kind of looking towards me and smiling.  I think at this point, they could tell that  I didn't catch what they had said, so he repeated himself:

"You need to get yourself a PS4"

He said this because he saw the copy of Destiny I had just purchased for the Xbox One.  I wasn't expecting it and I could tell it was intended as a playful jab, so I just smiled and got into my car.  As I drove away, I started thinking of what I could have said back if I had either cared to make an argument or if i thought that the guy was being serious.

"Why do I need a PS4? All the games I want to play are on Xbox One" or maybe:

"Oh, is Crackdown 3 coming out for PS4?" If I wanted to be troll-y or playful:

"I thought about getting a PS4, but I wanted a system with a good controller"

but those things seemed like the things that a fanboy would say.  After a few minutes, I realized that this small and totally innocent comment had me slightly fuming under the surface.  Why would someone I don't even know feel the need to try to make me feel bad about the video game system that I have chosen to play?  I know that friends sometimes give each other little jabs that are all in good fun, but this was from a stranger.    Why are so many people so against the idea that someone could have a differing opinion regarding video game hardware? 

I like the Xbox One.  If you have a PS4, cool.  Have fun with it.  You like the Wii U? Awesome, hope you enjoy your Splatooning.  Prefer to stick with the PS3 or 360?  Fantastic, tons of great value there.  Maybe you only play the retro stuff.  Word, no end to the fun there.  See how that works?  Maybe just let people be cool with the stuff they like.  Have a suggestion for something you think is better?  Present your case with respect, don't let a playful Jab come across as a hurtful Fierce.

Proud level 40 Hunter playing on whichever system I want to play on thank you very much

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Or, just throwing this out there specifically for Destiny: There's content exclusive to PS4.

Mind you, I feel the same way when it comes to people trying to dictate what system I play on. I play on my Windows Phone, damn it. I don't care about whatever crap games you have on your Android or iOS. Oh, they're not crap games? You have interesting games? Oh, well...bring them to Windows Phone then. Cry

I miss playing Destiny though, but after The Taken King update literally threw all my progress out the window, I haven't been able to get a copy to do anything with, so I'm literally just sitting here with legendaries that were outclassed by Green weapons and segmented off from the entire game. Not happy.
I think the real question is "have you pre-ordered your Nintendo NX??"
@Shadow Kisuragi:  Is there content exclusive to the PS4?  There is a little asterisk after that word "Exclusive" that points to this at the bottom of the page: *Timed exclusive until at least Fall 2016.

Very good point about the Windows Phone.  My father in law and brother in law are avid WP users as well as Izret and yourself.  If you love it, awesome.

I don't know what happened from Pre Taken King high level stuff to post Taken King high level stuff but if your character was outclassed overnight, that's no good.  Still, you should be able to do Daily and Weekly missions for Legendary marks to get upgraded gear to increase your light level and get your character up to snuff again.
@Crabmaster2000: Need more details but I'm optimistic!
@wildbil52:psshhh, real fanboys don't need details!
This is an interesting thought, and one that I have, thankfully, never had to deal with.  I get flack all the time for being "that Wii U guy", but I don't let it bother me, because I'm happy with the direction I went.  Even if I regretted my decision, certainly a random stranger wouldn't be the one to make me think twice about what I had done.  Still, I get it - as human beings, we're always looking for approval, and sometimes that random stranger's approval (or lack thereof) can sting a bit, and it's hard not to turn right around and dive headlong into trying to win said approval.  I try to just stick to my guns, but do so in a way that's respectful (as you stated above), and not try to provoke an argument over something as silly as which video game console I prefer.  I'm not a 6th grader on the playground debating Nintendo vs. Sega any more.

As a side note, those 3 potential comebacks you wrote - I read them and heard your voice in my head as I read them.  Too much Collectorcast, methinks!
@wildbil52: Max level is 34 without the DLC, and to get over 170 light you have to purchase Crucible weapons with Vanguard marks, but they're nerfed versions of the weapons that don't let you get above 185 light. Can't participate in any of the special strikes, or the heroic strikes. Eris and Petra bounties were made Taken King only. Literally segmented to a non-DLC Crucible playlist, or to really weak strikes, and all the freedom that you had before the Taken King content was stripped away and you are locked in a jail until you buy the DLC. It's been one of the WORST transitions for DLC that I've ever seen, as it essentially requires you to purchase the DLC or stop playing.
Keep poking along in Dark Souls. You'll get there.

I've typically always been an "all of the above" gamer, except for PC. I'd even consider giving that a go if it wasn't so cost prohibitive and a pain. I have no idea about Destiny, but in playing Dark Souls III for both PS4 and Xbox One, the PS4's horsepower is easily noticed between the two. Does that mean that you should feel bad for playing the Xbox One version? Nope, I'm enjoying it also.

With talk of he next console revisions coming so soon, it makes me wonder how all of this will pan out. Either way, I'm sure I'll be in for whatever comes.
@MetalFRO: I know I shouldn't worry about what other people think but I admit that I do sometimes. 

@Shadow Kisuragi: Definitely sounds like lots of bonuses for going with the expanded content vs staying with the base game.  WIth so much additional content is there any reason (besides not wanting to spend the $30) that you don't want to expand your game to The Taken King?

@Duke.Togo: I will, Duke, I just feel bad about holdind you guys up since I'll definitely be the last to finish.  I like that "all of the above" label.  I've been that as well except for the Wii U and more recently PS4.
I make that (should have got a ps4) comment when I see people buy the new Star Wars: Battlefront game. Only because, for a game that is MMO only, you probably want to play on a system that has more people playing the game.
@EngineerMike: Your logic is sound.  There are more people playing on PS4s than any other system right now but there are still millions of people playing on the Xbox one so I don't think that argument would sway too many xbox one fans.  I think the best argument that PS4 owners have in their favor right now is the horsepower of the system.  I'm very interested to see the news on the PS4 Neo and Xbox One Two. Would be great if MS had a trade in program for year one Xbox One owners.  Will never happen, but I can hope.
@wildbil52: Of course I'd like more content. I just don't want to spend money on something because I literally cannot play it otherwise, when I already spent money to play the base game.

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