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Posted on Oct 30th 2011 at 03:03:37 AM by (Zagnorch)
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Hey now!

Ever since Shadow Kisuragi started posting the GameCenter CX series on RFG, I've been absolutely captivated by the Kacho and his valiant efforts to conquer the most maddeningly difficult old school retro games ever produced. So much so, in fact, that I've started watching the later shows on YouTube.

However, if you think I'm gonna horn in on Shadz's action by posting GameCenter CX episodes on my blog, you've got another thing comin'. As far as I'm concerned, that's Shadz's prerogative, and I'm not gonna play a fellow 'Generator like that. More importantly, however, the dude's part of the site admin, which means he most likely has access to the dreaded RFG banhammer. So it's a really good idea for me--and all of you as well--to stay on his good side. Ya dig? Wink

Well, actually I am horning in on the action, albeit in a roundabout way: by posting a few of the 3DS commercials Arino has starred in. Much like GameCenter CX itself, the commercials show the beloved Kacho failing hard, yet taking it all in stride with that happy-go-lucky demeanor his fans have come to know and love.

Anyway, enjoy:

BTW am I the only one who'd like to see Arino try to play a retro game while drunk? Tell me that wouldn't be the greatest thing ever...

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You mean he plays these games sober?? Wink
I love it! Thanks for posting those.

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Hey now!
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