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Posted on Dec 1st 2013 at 06:00:00 PM by (Zagnorch)
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Season's Greetings from Terra, fellow RF Gentlemen!

I am announcing the end of this year's Not-So-Secret Santa give-away.

A big thanks to the participants-- I wish you all the best for the holiday season and the new year.

Catch you on the boards...


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A3.  Intec Portable Snap-on screen for PS2 w/ Carry bag: A little TV screen you can pop over the top of your standard-size PS2. Hook it up and go to town! Admittedly, the picture quality isn't all that great. But I am throwing in a PlayStation carrying case just for the heck of it!

B10.  Sealed Halo mystery mini figure
A8: Sears Electronic Football
B4 : Legacy of Kain
A4: Super Mario Chess/Tic Tac Toe
B4: Legacy Of Kain: Blood Omen
A16: Super Mario 64 maze thingy
B8: How to draw Nintendo Heroes and Villains
A13: PSP Game
B12: Ryu Headband
@TheSaintOfPain:  Change B to B8: How To DRAE Nintendo Héroes & Villains.  Fokakis beat me to the Kain. :/

A10 B10
B 16 did not relize b10 was already snagged. Thanks Zag!!
Blog updated to show what's still available.

@TheSaintOfPain: You just went 0-for-2 with your column B selection, bud. They say the third time's a charm, so give it one more go.
A14: Tales
B9: How to Draw Crash

Sweet! Thanks again 'norch.
A6 and B6
A11 B11
@Zagnorch:  First, sorry for the late reply, as I was at work when this started, and I only had so much time to really do anything with it.  Now, since it's still listed, I'll go for B3:  Madden '95.  Thanks for doing this.  This is awesome, and sorry for being my typical self and making things harder than they should be.  Tongue
Darn.  Sooo late on this one.  A2 and B1, if you please.
A12 please.  Thanks, Zag!
GamerNick has claimed A5: Mattel Computer Chess for his Column A selection.

Blog updated again.

@blcklblskt: Care to select something from Column B, sir?
I'd love to have A7 and B7!
I came in rather late this time... I would like A15 and B15 please!
@mumboking: I was wondering where you've been; you were among the first to respond the last couple years.

Tell you what: since there's so little left, and I doubt any further claims will be made, I'll just ship to you what's left. Then you can fight with your sister over who gets what.

TO ALL: thank you all for your participation, and have yourselves a happy holiday season!
Thanks Zagnorch!
I haven't been active this year because of computer problems I haven't felt up to fixing. Sad
I'm currently using my new SONY Xperia M phone.

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