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Posted on May 15th 2014 at 02:01:24 PM by (Zagnorch)
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Week of 4 May to 10 May 2014

No big blustery fanfare this week; let's just get right down to it.

Sunday 4 May & Monday 5 May: I started the week with a meal-break run to my workplace Goodwill, which yielded a crimson DS Lite with charger along with Mario Kart 8, Pokemon SoulSilver, New Super Mario Bros., Nintendogs Lab & Friends, Lego Star Wars, and Lego Batman, for $19.99 all told.

More handheld hardware fell into my... um, hands the following day as I hit the local Savers and grabbed a loose PSP with Lumines UMD for $19.99, along with a Mattel Hockey handheld for $2.99. Also found was a CIB Metroid Prime 3 for $2.99.

But if you think the first two days had impressive handheld hardware scores, just you wait...

Tuesday 6 May:: This was the day for $1.99 CIB PC game pickups, as I grabbed Giants: Citizen Kabuto, KKND X-Treme, and a sealed LucasArts Archives release of Star Wars Force Commander. The latter pickup was especially odd, seeing as how I just got the original version at the same Savers the week before...

I also discovered a sealed Wheel of Fortune TV Games plug-and-play dealie for $3.99. Then there were the four books for $10: strats for Mass Effect 3, Halo Wars, and a limited-edition Final Fantasy XII, along with The Making of DOOM 3.

Wednesday 7 May & Thursday 8 May: After taking a breather on Wednesday, I resumed the hunt and discovered a Special Edition copy of Perfect Dark Zero for $3.95, CIB Borderlands 2 for $1.99, CIB Thunder Strike: Operation Phoenix for $3.99, and a Sega Genesis Super Pad for $4.99.

Friday 9 May:  A lunch break trip to my fave Goodwill yielded a black 3DS with charger for $69.99, and a Korean Onyx DS Lite for $13.49. Also included with each handheld was a flash drive card and Micro SD card.

Saturday 10 May: It was back to my fave Goodwill, where I took a big risk on this grab that I teased on Small Scores a few days ago:

At a penny under $70 and non-returnable, it's the biggest thrifting gamble I've made this year.

And now, the full reveal...

...a compact junior-sized Atari 2600 with three joysticks, AV cord, and twelve game carts.

While I felt the asking price was fairly high, I'd just gotten my state tax refund check the day before, and I figured why not treat myself. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that all twelve games in the bundle were not in my collection previously, not even Centipede, Dig Dug, or Ms. Pac-Man. I coulda sworn I had Pole Position, but after checking my collection page before updating it... um, nope. So if nothing else, at least I significantly expanded my personal library of 2600 carts.

Now you probably noticed that this bundle of retro madness was held together with packing tape... which kinda sucked. The tape was so sticky that my initial attempts to remove it from the paper labels on the console and cartridge end labels didn't go over too well:

So I decided to quit before I did more damage, grabbed an X-Acto blade, and carefully cut around the edges of the labels that got taped.

BTW does anybody know if the plastic covering the rainbow part of the console is lamination, or just a protective plastic film to be removed by the user? 'Cuz I've got some major bubbling action goin' on, and it's not very attractive:

And now the million-dollar question minus $999,930.01: does it actually work?
You'll find out soon enough... evilhappy

NON-VIDYA BONANZA: It's the usual suspects again; I just hope Mr. Nupoile can practice some self-control this week...


-   TI-82, TI-83, and TI-83 Plus graphing calculators, $9.00 for all
-   HDMI cable, $2.99
-   Electronic talking pokedex thingy, $2.49

Well, that's about it for now. But before I go, please note that there will be no Seven-Day Score Card blog next week. Instead, a tribute to one of the greatest masterpieces in cinematic history-- and some of the video games it inspired-- will be presented. Be sure to check it out, and I'll see you again in two weeks with a double-sized episode of Seven Fourteen-Day Score Card, only on the RFG Network!


Posted on Sep 25th 2011 at 07:45:25 PM by (Zagnorch)
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Hey now!

Okay, this is for real: if I find out that any of you are acting like these guys...

See? You don't need XBox Live to experience angry teenagers spouting racial slurs.

...I'm gonna find out where you live, bust your front door down, back you into the far corner of your game room, and...

...give you a really stern talking to, and tell you to knock that $#!t off.

And if it happens a second time, I'm gonna return, confiscate your collection at gunpoint, keep for myself what I want, and distribute the remainder amongst my far-more-deserving fellow 'Generators.

(I'm sure The Maligned One would be willing to hook me up with some firepower if I toss him a chunk of the confiscated swag as a rental fee)


Oh, all right, I'll admit it: this isn't really for real; I'm just bein' an internet tough guy here. While the whole "warning/confiscation" deal is something I'd like to do--and really should be done--the travel expenses would be ridiculously high. Especially if I had to go abroad to bring great justice to the deserving party. Also, I enjoy being outside the walls of a federal or foreign prison far more than I do inside them.

It just saddens me to see visual evidence of such nonsense, you know?

And yet, I also find the whole deal somewhat amusing, and compelling. Now I understand why certain so-called reality shows--particularly the celebrity-rehab ones--are popular. It's because people love watching complete fukkk-ups engaging in heinously self-destructive behavior. It makes the viewer feel better about his / her own pathetic life. And the above video fits the bill perfectly.

'Course, it would've been sadder--and way more amusing--if they were carrying on that way over a NES. Or, better yet, an Atari Jaguar.

Hey, methinks I've got a great show idea for G4... Hollywood, here I come!


UPDATE: A few hours after I first submitted this blog, YouTube closed down the account the embedded video came from.

The story of my life, ya know?

Fortunately(?), I found the video elsewhere on the site, and slapped it over the spot where the old one used to be. Hopefully, this one will be a bit more permanent...


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