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Posted on May 29th 2014 at 06:28:29 PM by (Zagnorch)
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Hey now, my fellow esteemed RF Gentlemen. It's been an eventful couple weeks, rife with amazing scores and near-crippling illness. But since none of you care about the latter, I'll just focus on the former as...

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Week of 11 May to 24 May 2014

Sun 5/11: Found myself a PC classic, a complete Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger for $5.99. I also discovered Sony's less-than-stellar attempt to ape Super Smash Bros., a complete PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for the PS3, for $1.99.

Mon 5/12 through Thu 5/15: This sparse stretch of scores commenced with the discovery of a sealed Balance of the Planet, a self-published PC title from the early 90s, on special for $2.60. I also found a fuchsia GBA for $4.99, a complete Dark Cloud for $4.99, and a loose Altered Beast LCD watch game for $1.99.

Fri 5/16: Grabbed a nice chunk of reading material today, including ten back issues of Nintendo Power, two EGMs, and a GamePro, all for $3.50.

Sat 5/17: My CIB PC game streak continued with the acquisition of Disney's Stunt Island at the local Savers for just $0.49. Then I hit the Goodwill down the street and picked up the following CIB DS titles for $9.99 each:

-   Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
-   Diddy Kong Racing
-   Tetris DS
-   Yoshi's Island DS
-   Animal Crossing Wild World
-   Space Invaders Revolution

Sun 5/18 and Mon 5/19: My last stretch of thrift scores before the failure of my health commenced with a Prima Star Wars Battlefront strategy guide for $2.99. Then there was the cache of CIB PS1 titles-- PaRappa the Rapper, Tempest X3, and the Greatest Hits release of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night-- for $2.49 each.

Also uncovered: CIB copies of Serious Sam, Cold Fear, and Super Monkey Ball adventure for $3.49 a pop. Oh yes, there was also the GameShark v2.0 Video Game Enhancer unit for N64 for $4.99, and a small Sonic plush for $0.99.

But the most interesting score from this two-day stretch was the Super Mario World LCD watch game-- which sports a headphone jack-- for $2.99.

Tues 5/20 through Fri 5/23: Absolutely no action at all as I recuperated from my first cold in over two years. And boy, was it a big one, just devastating in its intensity. Just how bad was it? So much so, that I resorted to using something I absolutely cannot stand:

So I rested and occupied myself with non-strenuous endeavors... which I might discuss at further length one day.

Sat 5/24: I rebounded with a little lunch-break score at my fave Goodwill, which included Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World and StarFox 64 for $4.99 each.

Rounding out this two-week stretch of scores was a little "care package" from the wilds of Spudville, USA:

This box was the culmination of a trade between myself and RF Gen's very own 413th Technical Entity. He had an extra CIB copy of Silpheed for Sega-CD that I coveted, and I had an extra complete loose Dreamcast he was interested in.

So we agreed on a trade, and I dragged my feet for several months until I got off my ass and contacted him again, asking if he was still interested in the deal.

Being the extremely patient and fine, upstanding citizen he is, Mr. 413 was still game (so to speak). So I shipped my end of the trade off to the guy...

...and I waited patiently for my end of the deal to arrive. Little did I know he was gonna clean out his garage and send it to me.

Just layer after layer after layer of (mostly) neat stuff. The man's generosity knows no bounds. The archaeological dig continued, my guilt level increasing with each new discovery. If I was getting all this in exchange for a lousy Dreamcast, imagine what I could have gotten in exchange for a real system. You know, like a Nokia N-Gage or a Virtual Boy.

Speaking of Virtual Boy: Mr. 413's first gesture of kindness towards me was a battery pack for the VB system. He also hooked me up with a Silent Service cart a few months back to go with my box and manual.

The most surprising portion of this care package: a Timex Sinclair 1000 computer unit with box, manual, AC cord...

...and a rain check.

Oh yeah, I also got these in the deal:

Gotta remember to throw the guy a couple PS3 bumper stickers and letter openers to show my thanks.

Non-Vidya Bonus Bonanza: The usual suspects abound here, including:

-   Three TI BA-II Plus calculators, $2.49, $2.99, & $3.49
-   TI BA-35 $2.49
-   TI BA-35 Solar $5.39
-   Sporty's E6B Flight Computer Calculator $3.99
-   TI BA-20 (Miller Pride), $2.49

Aaaaaand that's about it for now.

Catch y'all next week...


Posted on Apr 29th 2014 at 11:50:27 PM by (Zagnorch)
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The week began with a promising Easter Sunday, and ended with a meek whimper. Them's the breaks, you know? Fortunately, there were more than a few neat non-vidya scores to pick up the slack. If you want to know the details, then read on as

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Week of 20 April to 26 April 2014

This week's episode sponsored by

The Bil-O-Meter Video Game Rating System

Patent Pending

Sunday 20 April: I usually take a breather on Sundays, as they are usually pretty dead thrifting-wise. But since all the Goodwills in the area were open until 5 PM for Easter, I figured why the hell not. It's exactly what Jesus would want me to do to celebrate His big comeback, right?


So I hit a couple locations on my way to work. Lo and behold, I discovered a few pleasant surprises, like the complete GameCube titles Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Super Monkey Ball for just $1.99 each. Also found was an Excalibur Pitfall LCD handheld for $0.99, a white DS Lite for $12.99, and a CIB Tomb Raider Anniversary for the Wii for $5.99.

Monday 21 April The thrifts yielded nothing, but I did get something in the mail as part of a trade with a certain crustacean-obsessed RF Gentleman from the Great White North:

My loose SNES Super Scope light gun is now complete, as you can see here:

I can only hope he likes what I sent him as much as I liked what he sent me.

Tuesday 22 April and Wednesday 23 April: These two days marked the high point of the week, as I discovered three Computer Gaming World and three Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine back issues for $0.29 each, Prima Pac-Man World 20th Anniversary guide for $1.99 $1.39, and a couple PlayStaton Hot Shots Golf Fore! promo golf balls. Also found were CIB copies of Heavenly Sword and Rune Factory Frontier for $2.99 each.

Oh, I'm ever upper-class high society...

I also grabbed a complete Red Baron for the PC. While it isn't the original Atari vector-graphics version that I so dearly loved as a wee 'Norch, for $0.69 I can't really complain.

The pre-Snoopy mod edition.

Thursday 24 April through Saturday 26 April: The only thing I discovered during this three-day stretch was a CIB Player's Choice Super Smash Bros. Melee for $12.99, and a Capcom lanyard.

Now you're probably wondering why, when considering my rep as a total cheap*ss, I shelled out so much for a game. Well, it's because I discovered how much it was going for online, which is retardedly high as of this writing. I'm guessing the uptick in Melee's value is due to the fanboys wanting to catch up on the series before the latest Super Smash Bros. hits the retail shelves. If that's the case, I'm only too happy to help 'em out-- just like I'm too happy to give Pokemon players the hookup. Call me a philanthropist...

Just trying to get back into the Lord's good graces.

NON-VIDYA BONANZA: While the week was quite sparse video game-wise, it was a different story when it came to other things. For example, I acquired a plethora of electronic number-crunching devices.

I am using "plethora" correctly here, right?

For starters, I grabbed a packaged TI BAII-plus financial calculator for $9.99, an HP 10BII for $1.59, and another HP 10BII with slipcase and quick-ref guide for $2.49.

Also uncovered was a TI-55-II scientific calculator for $3.99 $2.99, a slipcased HP 32SII RPN scientific calculator for $6.99 $5.25, an HP 12c for $2.49, and a Value Line Stocalc 1/8 for $2.99. I also couldn't resist picking up a boxed Radio Shack Video Enhancer/Stereo Audio Mixer console for $6.99 $5.25. Rounding out the electronic grabs was a Sony Watchman for $3.99 $2.99, which I just can't wait to hook up to my Wii U. The graphics are gonna be mind-blowing!

I've also been finding a few interesting board games lately, including The Omega Virus, Black Box, and Can't Stop, for $2.99 $2.24 each. Of course, the latter game describes my thrifting jones to a "T", because I have absolutely...

Melty-face guy understands my pain.

Speaking of games...

TAKE A GUESS for a prize! So, what do you think this is:

This is the only hint you're gonna get.

Just type and submit your guess in the Comments section. The first person to answer correctly wins a nice little assortment of mystery trinkets from yours truly.

And no, you don't have to put your answer in the form of a question.

Until next week,


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