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Posted on Jun 15th 2014 at 01:02:17 PM by (Zagnorch)
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Hey now,

It was nine years ago today that a certain someone signed up for RF Generation. You might know him from his signature avatar, which is one of the most exploitable avas on this site. And I should know, 'cuz I exploit it every chance I get:

The new Bil-O-Meter.

I decided to celebrate this anniversary by "Nuping out." What is Nuping out, you ask? Well, allow me to provide an example:

And here's one I'm sure the man of the hour would really appreciate:

And now it's your turn! Show your appreciation for Nupoile's nine-year RF Gen Odyssey by taking your own Nupe-Out pic and posting it here:


Catch y'all on the boards...


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Hey now!
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