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Posted on Nov 16th 2020 at 08:00:00 AM by (Zagnorch)
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Welcome one and all to this very special 10th Anniversary Edition of...

THE 2020


To celebrate both the 10th NSSS and my 10th anniversary on RF Generation, I offer 10 humble items for your first-come, first-served consideration! Just remember the rules:

-   Just one selection per person.

-   The first person to claim the item gets it. First come, first served.

How to make your claim:

-   Take note of the number of the item/lot you desire, and...

-   Post that number in the Not-So-Secret-Santa blog's comments section. Only claims made in the blog comments section will be honored.

All RF Generation members from anywhere in the world are welcome to take advantage. Just be aware that, that unless otherwise noted, all games being given away are NTSC U/C coded for use in machines for the North American market.

As for shipping costs: I'm covering it. Just note that I'll be mailing this stuff out using the cheapest shipping methods possible, so it might be a while before your claim gets to you. You'll receive a PM informing you of your successful claim, and either requesting your mailing address, or confirming the one I have on file.

And now, it's time to count down the swag, starting with...

10.)   NAKI lanyard

9.)   PlayStation 2 lanyard

8.)   Benjamin Bumchen Vorsschulspasse for Nintendo DS

7.) Loot Crate TEAM FORTRESS 2 pinback button collectors set

6.) Mega Bloks Skylanders Possessed CYNDER mini-figure

5.)  K'Nex WARIO mini-figure

4.) Wendy's Design-Your-World 8-BIT ARCADE playset, sealed

3.) Dragon Advance Boy GBA game cartridge vertical stand with box

2.) Sealed cube of Super Mario sticky notes


Whelp, that's it for this year. My most profuse thanks go out to all who have participated in this silly little give-away over the last decade... here's to ten more years!
Until next time...


Posted on Nov 7th 2014 at 01:23:45 AM by (Zagnorch)
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As many of you already know, the week started on a pretty low note for me.

Daylight burglaries aren't exactly a laugh-a-minute.

But things improved immensely today when I got off work and embarked on what I call a "hot-hand" thrift crawl, where almost every stop yielded at least a little something, and a couple stops a LOT something. Read on and you'll see what I mean.

The day started off small as I dropped by the Goodwill near work:

Although they lacked manuals, I found Mario Kart Wii and New SMB Wii for $3.99 each.

Then came the deluge as I hit the Mountain View Rasputin's:

This haul consisted mainly of $1.95 CIB PS2 games, including:

- Conflict: Global Terror
- Dark Cloud
- Dr. Muto
- Kessen II
- Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII
- Samurai Warriors XTreme Legends
- Star Wars Bounty Hunter
- Terminator Dawn of Fate
- Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land

I also found a few $1.95 CIB PSP games:

- Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures
- Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
- Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Let's not overlook the $1.95 CIB 360 & GameCube games:

- Wario Ware, Inc.
- Donkey Konga
- Kameo: Elements of Power
- Gun (sealed)

Finally, some miscellaneous stuff I snapped up for $0.50 a pop:

- CIB Age of Mythology Bonus Edition for PC
- Riven for PC
- Official XBox Magazine #45 demo
- CIB Kiss Pinball for PS1

Next up was the Mountain View Goodwill, where I found a morsel of number-crunching goodness:

While this $4.99 Texas Instruments BA-II Plus business calculator was a nice find, there were no gaming goodies of note at this stop. Good thing it was a different story at the Parkmoor Savers in San Jose:

For a little over seven smackers, I walked out with fifteen Nintendo Power back issues-- and I mean WAY back, between issues 16 and 41-- as well as Mario Mania, Top Secret Passwords and a Ninja Gaiden II player's guide.

Next up was the Almaden Expressway Savers, which yielded all you see here:

The Super Mario 2 cart, CIB Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, and CIB Supreme Commander were $2.99 $2.39 each with savings coupon, and the Nintendo Power Mario Collector's Special set me back $1.99 $1.59.

Funny thing about the Dragon Quarter pick-up: a few minutes before I saw it, I was thinking about SirPsycho's recent acquisition of the same game, and how it looked like a promising title. It's a happy coincidence that's happened a couple times before in my thrift hunts, and has almost led me to believe I have some odd power of clairvoyance. But it's not that I possess odd powers; I'm just plain odd.

A few miles up the expressway, and I arrived at the Almaden Goodwill. Sadly, this particular store has some of the most ridiculous asking prices for console games and hardware I'v ever seen. $9.99 for a loose Ecco the Dolphin Genesis cart with a half-ripped-off label? Thanks, but no thanks (and tell the pricer to stop hitting the pipe). Fortunately, I'm always finding other interesting things here for far more reasonable prices... this CIB Tomy Atomic Pinball game for $5.99. And, ummm, you might wanna cut back on the heavy breathing there, SingleBanana; you're kinda creeping everybody out with that. Someone's in need of a cold shower.

After checking out another Goodwill that didn't have diddley, I ended today's run at the Bernal Goodwill, where I found:

- Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2 / MGS4 bonus DVD, $3.79

- CIB PlayStation Official UK Magazine demo disc 25, $3.99

- Sealed Dungeon Keeper for PC, $3.59

Needless to say, I'm feeling a little better now.

Until next time...


Posted on Apr 1st 2014 at 06:00:00 AM by (Zagnorch)
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And now for your April Fools punishment entertainment, give it up for hardcore comedian/gamer extraordinaire, Andrew "Dragon Dice" Clay!

You're into Pole Position, huh? Well, how about you position yourself on THIS pole! OH!!! Yeah, position yourself right over THIS friggin' pole! OH!!!

Hey, Princess Peach! You want a REAL plumber, you should call on me! I'll snake out your pipes for ya! I'll even pump your septic tank, if ya know what I'm sayin'! OH!!! Just grab hold of my analog stick and I'll barrel-roll your arwing ALL NIGHT LONG! OH!!! I got the mega-mushroom you've been longing for!

Into Tetris, are you? Well, I got the long block you need right here! OH!!! I'll drop it down right into your gap!!! Yeah!

Man, I'd love to break Chun-Li's combo with my hadouken! OH!!!

Hey Samus, I got a ball or two you can morph on! Yeah! I'll give you a screw attack that'll have you walking funny for a whole week! OH!!!

Why don'cha cast a shadow on this colossus! OH!!! Yeah!

Yo Kirby! I got something for you to suck down! OH!!!

Hey Ms. Pac-Man! I got a banana and some cherries for you! OH!!! I gave 'em names, even: Inky, Blinky, and Clyde! And they'd just love to meet your "Pinky," if ya know what I'm sayin'! OH!!!

Yo, Zelda, I got a Link for ya right here! Yeah, I'll link you to your past, present, AND future with my Master Sword while you work my hookshot! OH!!!

Why don't all you Sega fanboys do what Nintenwon't, and use your lock-on technology to blast-process my master system! OH!!!

Hey Master Chief, why don'cha reach for this Halo! OH!!! Make a covenant with this freakin' Halo! Yeah!

Hey, why--

--ahhhh, screw it, I can't do this crap anymore. This is easily the stupidest blog I've ever posted on this site-- which, if you've seen my other blogs, is REALLY saying something. I easily lost 25 IQ points just coming up with all those gawdawful jokes. It's said that artists have to suffer for their art, but this is downright ludicrous. Looks like I'm the real April fool here.

Anyway, thank you for your time, and enjoy the rest of your day.

Until next time,


Errrr, I mean...


Posted on Sep 30th 2012 at 12:16:05 AM by (Zagnorch)
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Hey now!

I know what'cher thinking: I must be scoring the primo crack to be claiming that, back in the day, Sega released a completely legitimate, licensed Mario game for wide commercial release that could be played on the Genesis or Mega Drive console. And I must admit, if I hadn't actually seen a CIB copy of it at a local thrift a few weeks back, I'd have the exact same attitude you do right now.

But I assure you, it is very real. And, thanks to the miracle of the internet, I have highly compelling photographic evidence:

I'd like to know what all you doubting Thomases have to say now!


Hee heee... sorry, I simply couldn't resist. I really did see this at a thrift a few weeks ago, which inspired me to write and post this silly blog. I briefly considered holding this back for April Fool's, but I just couldn't sit on it for that long. Besides, I thought it'd be a novel way to celebrate the start of the NHL season.

So, no hard feelings, guys?

Um... guys? What are you--

Hey, wait a minute-- can't you take a little-- NO, PLEASE, NOT THE FACE!!!

Posted on Jun 15th 2011 at 07:00:00 AM by (Zagnorch)
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Greetings from Terra...

Between trying to make my temp job permanent, shaping up, sprucing up the Zagnorch Ponderosa, and getting the ol' lemon running properly, I figured I wouldn't be able to get in on the RF Generation summer gaming challenge for lack of time to devote to it.

But then I realized I have a ton of games I'm either part-way through or this close to completing, and I figured I could take care of 'em in my sparse spare time. I know it's something of a cop-out, and a lazy way to go. But, given the situation, it's the best I can do.

And away we go:

Super Mario 64 DS: 134 stars down, 16 to go.

StarFox Command (DS): I'm stuck on that level where you use the stylus to clear away part of the cloud cover to reveal where the enemy is hiding.

Bomberman DS: I've yet to get past the boss on Level 8.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES): It's been so long since I last played this, I've forgotten where I left off...

Tecmo Super Bowl (SNES): All I want to do is get the 49ers to win a Super Bowl on three-year mode. My last three-year deal saw me lose two consecutive NFC championships before getting waxed in the Super Bowl in season three... the Buffalo Bills.


CrossworDS: I've been chipping away at this one for the last couple years. While it also includes word search and anagrams, I'm focused on finishing just the crossword puzzles.

Sonic Rush (DS): Forget about the d@mn fourth chaos emerald-- it's the fershlugginer seventh one I'm having a #3lluva a time grabbing...

Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World (GBA): I still haven't gotten past that level where I hafta let Yoshi plunge to his death to save my own sorry @$$. I've killed enough Yoshis and Marios on this level to fill a virtual Grand Canyon. O, the soul-crushing guilt...

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters (PSP): I've been neglecting my PSP lately, so I figure I should finish up Size Matters before it sics child protective services on me.

Wii Fit Plus: Actually, I haven't started this one yet. Never the less, I figure I'd give it a go to supplement my efforts to shape up this summer. I'm not so sure there's a way to properly beat or finish it, though. I suppose I can consider it "beaten" when I make my goal weight.

And there you have it. For the most part, I'm aiming to complete a buncha fruity handheld platformer-adventure titles I've been procrastinating on, with nary an uber-hardcore title in the lot.

G0d, I am such a chick...


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