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Posted on May 8th 2014 at 01:44:43 AM by (Zagnorch)
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Week of 28 April to 3 May 2014

This week's episode sponsored by

Leon's Firewater and Boomstick Emporium
Now with two locations in downtown Cincinnati to serve you

Monday 28 April: The first day of this thrifting week commenced with the acquisition of a grape Game Boy Color with nine kiddie-game carts and carry case for $19.99 (the case's back zipper pocket stored a Disneyland autograph book for some reason). Then it was off to the local Savers, which yielded a loose GBA SP with F-Zero: GP Legend cart for $6.99. Rounding out the day's finds was a sealed box of ten 5.25" floppies for my C64 for $1.99.

Tuesday 29 April: This day belonged to PlayStation, as I picked up three back issues of PlayStation: The Official Magazine for $0.29 each, as well as the CIB PS2 games Barbarian, Defender, Jumper: Griffin's Story, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX for $2.99 a pop.

Wednesday 30 April: "Hump day" was a fitting term for this day, as it plateaued with a mighty stack of Ninty goodness. The timing was absolutely perfect as I caught the Goodwill clerk rolling out a large assortment of N64 and Genesis carts on its way to the electronics showcase. From that assortment I dug out Super Smash Bros., GoldenEye, Pokemon Stadium, Yoshi's Story, Diddy Kong Racing, and Banjo-Kazooie, along with Out of  This World and Earthworm Jim 2 for Genesis, all for $2.99 each. I also snapped up Pokemon Gold and Silver for $1.99 each, and a CIB Dream Pinball for $2.99.

Then it was off to Savers, where I discovered a complete hardcover Piggyback CE Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag strategy guide for $4.99 $3.49. This was a rather surprising find, considering how recently the game was released. Then there was the GameCube unit with memory card and WaveBird receiver that I grabbed for $6.99 $4.89. I'll take any and every opportunity to make sure WaveBird components don't fall into the hands of a certain deranged individual whose name rhymes with Gus Beeman.

Force yourself to gaze upon the man's horrific handiwork, and be sickened.

Thursday 1 May: Starting this rather light day was a grab bag of video-game-related tchotchkes including several Skylanders dog tags and a couple Marioverse character dangly-charm thingies. Then there was the GameShark Game Codes for PS2 box that contained an odd assortment of code discs for both PS2 and PS1. Ending the day was a CIB Flashback and Techno Clash I spent some trade credit on... along with a pack of Chuckles. Which I didn't know they even made anymore.

Friday 2 May: Another light day as I managed to wrangle a CIB Medievil Resurrection and XBox Live Arcade Game Pack at one place for $4.99 each. Then it was off to Savers where I discovered a Skylanders Book of Elements: Magic and Tech for just $0.69.

Then there's the showcase find of the day: a loose Tiger Mega Man 2 handheld for $2.99, a score that's likely bumming Crabby and RetroRage out something fierce right about now. Just wait 'til they see the next day's scores...

Saturday 3 May: The week concluded with the picking up of several NES carts at my workplace Goodwill for $4.99 each, including Donkey Kong Classics, Donkey Kong 3, Mario Bros., Xenophobe, Seicross, Kirby's Adventure,, a gold Legend of Zelda,...

...aaand Mega Man 1,3,4,and 5. That's right, I got the first 5 Mega Mans (Mega Men?) in just two days!

Whattaya have to say to that, Crabs and Rets? Hmmm?

Oh, I also grabbed a CIB Sega Superstars Tennis for DS... not that you care or anything.

NON-VIDYA BONANZA: Just the usual suspects, including a Yamaha YT-2200 Tuner device for $0.79, and a slipcased HP 15C calculator for $4.99.

The big number-crunching hit of the week however, was this HP 48G...

...which came with all this other stuff...

...all for just $25.00.

Hey Nupes, whattaya think of that, huh? Pretty impressive, isn't-- whoah, what the hell are you-- oh, that is just disgusting! Stop that right now! What the hell is wrong with you?! G0dd@mn, get a room next time!

Until next week, this is your Thriftmaster Admiral signing off.


Posted on Apr 24th 2014 at 09:53:04 PM by (Zagnorch)
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Greetings from Terra...

Zagnorch Productions

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Week of 14 April to 19 April 2014

This week's episode sponsored by

The Psychotic Knight Fanfic Drama Dinner Theater

Your favorite songfics performed by Mary Sue and the Yaoi Wowies every Friday night


McKnight's (no relation) Preposterously Panoramic
Palace of Perilously Powerful Peripherals

The gloves are off now

Take it away, guys...

Monday 14 April: Nothing to speak of vidya-wise. However, I did dig up a sizeable batch of other geekin' goodness, with Texas Instruments products dominating the lot. Products like a complete boxed TI-37 Galaxy Solar, a TI-83 Plus, and a couple small mono speakers that put out surprisingly good sound. Also discovered was a Panasonic combo mini-piano/AM radio, a Rokenbok controller pad, and a Radio Shack EC-4051 calculator.

Tuesday 15 April Sweet f*ck all was to be had on this day.

Wednesday 16 April: This all but dead week sprung to life a little when I discovered the first TurboGrafx 16 games I've ever encountered at a thrift: CIB Boxxy Boy and Devil's Crush Pinball for $2.49 each. I even picked up Keith Courage in Alpha Zones, 'cuz it's never a bad idea to have a backup copy of this ultra-rare gem.

I also discovered a couple NES 18-cart shelves for $3.29 each. Each one holds 18 sleeved NES carts. I tried to place the bare NES carts in the case slots, but they were too loose.

Huh-huh-huh, the slots were too loose.

Then I checked to see if my full boxed carts fit in there, but they were too tight.

Heh-heh-heh, yeah, tight slots! FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!

Sleeved carts, however, were just right.

Ohhhh yeeaahhh *UNNNGGGH*

Rounding out the day's scores was a CIB Frogger's Adventures: the Rescue for GameCube and a Duke Nukem: Zero Hour N64 cart with manual for $2.99 each.

Thursday 17 April: Picked up my very first Japanese PS1 titles for $4.99 each, including JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Master of Monsters: Akatsuki no Kenja Tachi, and Torneko no Daibouken 2: Fushigi no Dungeon (AKA Torneko: The Last Hope). I also scored a platinum GBA SP for $8.99, a grab bag of PlayStation promo tchotchkes, and the greatest, most awesomest Star Wars game of all time, Knights of Teras Khasi for the PS1! W00T!

Friday 18 April: Totally dead today.

Saturday 19 April: A light week ended with a nice uptick, as I nabbed a Skylanders Swap Force Wii U starter kit at Toys-R-Us for half price. I picked it up so I'd have the regular versions of Wash Buckler, Blast Zone, and Series 3 Stealth Elf in my collection. I was also curious to try the Wii U version of the game and all the different controller schemes it supports. While I was there I also grabbed an Easter Fryno, and a Series 2 Jet-Vac. I finished my thrifting day when I hit a Goodwill that's not exactly known for good game prices, and was pleasantly surprised to discover the CIB PS1 titles Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX, as well as Resident Evil 2, for just $3.99 each.

Oddball Score of the Week: The Grow Your Own Monsters manual from Scholastic.

The guy on the front cover up there looks kinda familiar, doesn't he? You don't suppose... nahhh, it's just gotta be a weird coincidence. Probably just a case of deja vu... which got progressively stronger with the turn of each page:

Japan is presently planning another Pearl Harbor attack to avenge this outrage... and who can blame them.

Until next week,


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