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Posted on Sep 25th 2011 at 07:45:25 PM by (Zagnorch)
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Hey now!

Okay, this is for real: if I find out that any of you are acting like these guys...

See? You don't need XBox Live to experience angry teenagers spouting racial slurs.

...I'm gonna find out where you live, bust your front door down, back you into the far corner of your game room, and...

...give you a really stern talking to, and tell you to knock that $#!t off.

And if it happens a second time, I'm gonna return, confiscate your collection at gunpoint, keep for myself what I want, and distribute the remainder amongst my far-more-deserving fellow 'Generators.

(I'm sure The Maligned One would be willing to hook me up with some firepower if I toss him a chunk of the confiscated swag as a rental fee)


Oh, all right, I'll admit it: this isn't really for real; I'm just bein' an internet tough guy here. While the whole "warning/confiscation" deal is something I'd like to do--and really should be done--the travel expenses would be ridiculously high. Especially if I had to go abroad to bring great justice to the deserving party. Also, I enjoy being outside the walls of a federal or foreign prison far more than I do inside them.

It just saddens me to see visual evidence of such nonsense, you know?

And yet, I also find the whole deal somewhat amusing, and compelling. Now I understand why certain so-called reality shows--particularly the celebrity-rehab ones--are popular. It's because people love watching complete fukkk-ups engaging in heinously self-destructive behavior. It makes the viewer feel better about his / her own pathetic life. And the above video fits the bill perfectly.

'Course, it would've been sadder--and way more amusing--if they were carrying on that way over a NES. Or, better yet, an Atari Jaguar.

Hey, methinks I've got a great show idea for G4... Hollywood, here I come!


UPDATE: A few hours after I first submitted this blog, YouTube closed down the account the embedded video came from.

The story of my life, ya know?

Fortunately(?), I found the video elsewhere on the site, and slapped it over the spot where the old one used to be. Hopefully, this one will be a bit more permanent...


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Hey now!
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