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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo 64 E H Nintendo 64 Nintendo 1997 System

CountryMembernameView CollectionCommentsQtyBoxManPM
 aicrobView Collection 100PM
wakefieldAlabama-ShrimpView Collection211PM
 AmethystView Collection 200PM
 amiganerView Collectionone came with Mario Kart 64, the other one I got with the US-console200PM
Accrington, LancsAndyCView Collection 100PM
Sileby, LoughboroughantongonzalezView Collection 111PM
 BaileyView Collection 100PM
 Darth SidiousView Collection111PM
 DataView Collection100PM
 DerZockerView Collection 100PM
 DowieView Collection 111PM
quirnbachdutschinat0rView Collection 000PM
ChemnitzericeskapadeView Collection 111PM
 FortunaView Collection 211PM
frood42View Collection100PM
Worksopga5ketView Collection100PM
 GazzaDJGView Collection 100PM
 godzipetteView Collection 200PM
 hstView Collectionone console has an defective contact, doesn't work as it should201PM
 IcemanView Collection 000PM
 KamaroView Collection 000PM
TroisdorfMadirView Collection100PM
 mariosonic190View Collection 000PM
 MuttlyView Collection 111PM
 PilesView Collection 100PM
 planetmattView Collection 200PM
OckelbopvtmurreView Collection 100PM
RETROKINGView Collection 311PM
 ritualnetView Collection 100PM
BucrestirodarkoneView Collection 000PM
 segafodderView Collection 000PM
SirginView Collection110PM
 Steveb11View Collection 111PM
 TauciasView Collection 111PM
 TokuJoeView Collection 100PM
 ukalvesView Collection 101PM
 VBForeverView Collection500PM
 VelvetDarknessView Collection 111PM

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