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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Atari 7800 U S Pole Position II Atari 1984 Racing

CountryMembernameView CollectionCommentsQtyBoxManPM
 98PaceCarView Collection 111PM
 A8scooterView Collection 100PM
 albedos_shadowView Collection 100PM
 albinoMithosView Collection 100PM
 alec006View Collection 100PM
Lake ArrowheadAlfadorView Collection 101PM
 AniplayView Collection101PM
WinnipegAntimindView Collection 000PM
 asz22View Collection 100PM
Kentatari_wizardView Collection 100PM
MilwaukeeAtarian75View Collection 111PM
 AtariboyView Collection 000PM
 BadblakeView Collection 200PM
 Bandit79View Collection000PM
 BBrentView Collection 100PM
Lockport, NYbum-manView Collection 101PM
El Miragecaptain_nintendoView Collection100PM
RedmondChainclawView Collection100PM
 chrisbidView CollectionB&W Label / Unique Label200PM
 cityside75View Collection 000PM
vancouvercoblentzmnView Collection100PM
 CorneliusView Collection100PM
 cousindaveView Collection 000PM
 DarthKurView Collection 200PM
 dauberView Collection 100PM
 dauberView CollectionI don't have a 7800; this cart is taking up dust!100PM
 DeadmanView Collection 100PM
 DefaultGenView Collection100PM
 den68View Collection100PM
 DK1105View Collection 200PM
Lebanon, Ohiodouglie007View Collection 202PM
 DoymanView Collection 000PM
 dprbView Collection100PM
 DrRock32481View Collection 100PM
Markleville, IndianaDuke.TogoView Collection 101PM
 Dusk2600View Collection 000PM
Cache CreekechoView Collection 200PM
 esquireView Collection000PM
 Faus1122View Collection 100PM
BerwynFeechyView CollectionWhat did I say about F-18 Hornet!? EH!100PM
 fergojisanView Collection000PM
 FerothiamView Collection 100PM
 fir469View Collection 100PM
 GabrielView Collection 000PM
 Game RulerView Collection 100PM
omahaGamerNickView Collection 100PM
 gamester81View Collection 100PM
 Garry_SilljoView Collection100PM
 GenesisView Collection100PM
Terre HauteGhost SoldierView Collection100PM
 GiskardView Collection 100PM
 GiskardView Collection100PM
 glacattackView Collection111PM
 glock9mmView Collection301PM
 graywestView Collection 100PM
 GrinnView Collection100PM
 GuileView Collection 100PM
 ICEE1023View Collection 100PM
 itattonView Collection 101PM
 ItchyKoalaView Collection 100PM
SandyjamespmtView Collection100PM
 janlazerView Collection 200PM
 janlazerView Collection200PM
Edmontonjcalder8View CollectionDDCecil SS DP 2008 and SS CGCC 2008200PM
 jeffsgamesView Collection 111PM
 JeremiahJTView CollectionMissing both labels-year unknown.100PM
 jesusinfranceView Collection000PM
 johnjohnView Collection 100PM
 JohnnyTurboView Collection 200PM
Fort Hoodjoker_1977View Collection100PM
Fort Hoodjoker_1977View Collection100PM
 jstollView Collection100PM
salt lake cityJubalView Collection 000PM
 KenbokiView Collection 100PM
KevincalView Collection100PM
KevincalView Collection100PM
Plano, TXkingofpain89View Collection 100PM
 KingSlimeView Collection 100PM
 LAGOView Collection 111PM
 LendorienView Collection 100PM
 Leo_AmesView Collection100PM
 LifeGameView Collection 000PM
 LiosView Collection100PM
 lovablechevyView CollectionComplete111PM
 LuoJieRuiView Collection 101PM
 mattimeo310View Collection 100PM
 MercuryCrusaderView Collection 100PM
 MetaFoxView Collection 100PM
FlushingMianrtcvView Collection100PM
orange, txmidnight8View Collection100PM
Monroe Moriya HanzoView Collection 100PM
 Mr IrrelaventView Collection 100PM
 Mr. KsoftView Collection 100PM
Centralia ILMrFizzleView Collection 100PM
 MrRoboto19XXView Collection 100PM
 murdoc roseView Collection100PM
 my1985nesView Collection 200PM
 namzepView Collection 100PM
 Naruto and SakuraView Collection 100PM
OttawaNecron99View Collection 100PM
YoungstownNES_RulesView Collection100PM
 nesterView Collection 000PM
 Nonner242View Collection 111PM
WarrenoctbaneView Collection 111PM
IndianapolisOddPeripheralsView Collection 100PM
 OldskoolView Collection 100PM
 PeartView Collection 501PM
 pepharythewormView Collection 100PM
 PhyeirView Collection 100PM
Pop Culture PortalView Collection100PM
 PorygonView Collection 000PM
 PranView Collection 100PM
 protaku82View CollectionGot both variations.212PM
 qixView Collection100PM
 quittingtheforestView Collection 110PM
 R.SakaiView Collection 100PM
LongwoodRaven1280View Collection211PM
 RedWolfJCView Collection 300PM
 REFanView Collection100PM
LafayetteRejinxView Collection12/22/06: $2.50 on Ebay, Sealed111PM
 Retrogamer72View Collection100PM
 RetroMammouthView Collection 100PM
 richme1047View Collection000PM
jonesboro robert murrayView Collection 101PM
 rond7104View Collection200PM
 Ronn HView Collection 100PM
 RorschachView Collection000PM
 rpgcollectorView Collection111PM
 Rurouni_FencerView Collection 100PM
 s1lenceView Collection 000PM
 saris91011View Collection 100PM
 Sauza12View Collection300PM
 ScissormanView Collection 100PM
 SEgamerView Collection 100PM
 sektor75View Collection100PM
West AllisshaggyView Collection 100PM
 sheltron3000View Collection 100PM
BramptonSithyView Collection100PM
 slackurView Collection000PM
Cedar RapidsslavahtebyeahView Collection100PM
frederictonSparkBView Collection100PM
 Suede53View Collection 100PM
 Suikoman444View Collection 000PM
 SuperChannelFView Collection 100PM
 SylentwulfView Collection 000PM
 TView Collection000PM
 TanegashimaView Collection 100PM
 TechokamiView Collection 211PM
 The Atari JunkieView Collection 100PM
 TheAtari7800JunkieView Collection 000PM
Kenosha, WIthebozView CollectionSealed111PM
 TheLagginWagonView Collection 100PM
 TheRoachinat0rView Collection 000PM
ExtonthollyView Collection101PM
 tommygView Collection 000PM
 uncle jenkinsView Collection 100PM
 VACRMHView Collection100PM
 view12apesView Collection 211PM
 whoisJSRView Collection 100PM
 WisekrakView Collection000PM
worthingtonwrldstrmanView Collection 000PM
 XrrontonXView Collection 100PM
 ZanicnightView Collection 200PM
WinnipegZe_roView Collection 100PM
 ZimbaccaView Collection100PM

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