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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sega Genesis U H Menacer & Control Unit Sega 1992 Controller

CountryMembernameView CollectionCommentsQtyBoxManPM
SeattleAm4zingGam3rView Collection 000PM
Sileby, LoughboroughantongonzalezView Collection 111PM
 asz22View Collection 111PM
AlbuquerqueBadKarmView Collection 111PM
Granite CityBear78View Collection100PM
 bigunsgamesView Collection 100PM
 BJoin1979View Collection 100PM
 Cobski_8View Collection100PM
 CouchmomView Collection 100PM
Crabmaster2000View Collection 111PM
 dbharshaView Collection 100PM
 DeadmanView Collection 101PM
Lebanon, Ohiodouglie007View Collection 111PM
 ericmmView Collection100PM
Augusta, GAFireStarView Collectionjust reciever0.500PM
 g-anx41View Collection 101PM
 gamer2112View Collection 100PM
Gamer4LyfeView Collection100PM
 GANX41View Collection 101PM
 gerardius84View Collection 000PM
SandyjamespmtView Collection 111PM
 JeremiahJTView CollectionExtra control unit-untested.111PM
 jjcardView Collection 111PM
 johnjohnView Collection 100PM
 KabonkView Collection 000PM
 lynchmcgaheeView Collection100PM
mailman187666View Collection100PM
 megamattView Collection 110PM
 MrMeekView Collection 110PM
YoungstownNES_RulesView Collection210PM
 obadibasView Collection 100PM
 omegaflakView Collection 100PM
Gilford overbiteView Collection 100PM
 P13R4TView CollectionIncludes Stock attachment & 1 scope100PM
 QuickSciFiView Collection 111PM
 real8View Collection 100PM
 Reynold1View Collection 100PM
 samsonlonghairView Collection 101PM
 ScrimbleView Collection101PM
 sgt.flandersView Collection 111PM
Greensboro, NCsinglebananaView Collection 100PM
 Squall280View Collection111PM
Calgarythe_wizard_666View CollectionPretty sure it's fully complete. Been a while since I last double checked it.111PM
 thegreatskaView Collection 111PM
ExtonthollyView Collection 101PM
 topkek88View Collection 111PM
 ugrView CollectionSOS2: menacer shoulderharness scope, no control unit100PM
 vgzbrennanView CollectionMissing sensor pieces110PM
 WNW3View Collection000PM
worthingtonwrldstrmanView Collection111PM
 ZacJamesView Collection 100PM
SeattlezodiacprimeView Collection 111PM

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