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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sega Genesis U S Marvel Land Namco 1991 Action/Adventure

CountryMembernameView CollectionCommentsQtyBoxManPM
HoustonADMView Collection 000PM
 asz22View Collection 110PM
MilwaukeeAtarian75View Collection 111PM
Olathe, KSbickman2kView CollectionStorage, 62 (1, game, box)110PM
 bigunsgamesView Collection 111PM
 BJoin1979View Collection 100PM
 CrossBowView Collection 100PM
 CrystalianView Collection 000PM
 den68View Collection100PM
 doogyView Collection100PM
Lebanon, Ohiodouglie007View Collection 111PM
 drag0nsfyreView Collection 111PM
 drexel923View Collection000PM
 dsheinemView Collection 000PM
 Dusk2600View Collection 111PM
 esquireView Collection000PM
 g-anx41View Collection 100PM
 GANX41View Collection 100PM
 GentlegamerView Collection 100PM
 gerardius84View Collection 000PM
Terre HauteGhost SoldierView Collection110PM
 grey87supratView CollectionNeed new outer cover111PM
 havok666View Collection 110PM
 iretrogamerView Collection 111PM
 itattonView Collection100PM
 joeyz27View Collection 111PM
 Josh MesingView Collection 111PM
josulli3View Collection111PM
 klausienView Collection000PM
 MantisToboggnMDView Collection 110PM
 MercilessAngelView Collection$25111PM
 mrkolaView Collection 000PM
 MrRoboto19XXView Collection 000PM
 mumraView Collection 111PM
 MuneView CollectionPurchased at Slackers100PM
 mythrynView Collection 100PM
 ottawajimView Collection100PM
 PeartView Collection 221PM
 pmcView Collection$10111PM
 PranView Collection 111PM
 puckdunawayView Collectionlabel damage100PM
Belémraffa1985View Collection 111PM
 RorschachView Collection 000PM
 samsonlonghairView Collection 111PM
 ScrimbleView Collection000PM
 segaangelView Collection 110PM
 segasimonView Collection 100PM
Maringouin, LASentinelLSUView Collection 100PM
 Shinsengumi324View Collection 111PM
Greensboro, NCsinglebananaView Collection 110PM
 slackurView Collection 111PM
 snes_collectorView Collection 110PM
 SnowCatView Collection 111PM
 Squall280View Collection111PM
HilltownSuperYoshiView Collection 111PM
 thomas_surlesView Collection 100PM
SurpriseTynstarView CollectionComplete111PM
 zenimusView Collection 100PM
SeattlezodiacprimeView Collection 111PM

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