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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sega Game Gear U H Sega Game Gear [Blue Sports Edition] Sega 1993 System

CountryMembernameView CollectionCommentsQtyBoxManPM
 A8scooterView Collection 100PM
 albinoMithosView Collection 100PM
SeattleAm4zingGam3rView Collection000PM
 AndrePenicheView Collection 000PM
 asz22View Collection 100PM
Granite CityBear78View Collection100PM
 bigunsgamesView CollectionMissing Batt Covers100PM
 blissfulnoiseView Collection000PM
 CorneliusView Collection 100PM
 davegilliganView Collection 000PM
 DeadmanView Collection 100PM
Bessemer CityDev1anc3View Collection100PM
 djoker11View Collection 111PM
Lebanon, Ohiodouglie007View Collection 100PM
 eeyokahView Collection000PM
 executionerView Collection 100PM
New CaneyFuyukazeView Collection 100PM
SeattleGoodwill_GamerView Collection 111PM
seattlehalosgodView Collection 000PM
 IamUserView Collection 100PM
 itattonView Collection 100PM
 JohnnyTurboView Collection 100PM
 lideView Collection000PM
 maurfView CollectionBad screen.100PM
 MNDemitriView Collection 100PM
monkees19View Collection 100PM
LaPuenteReps911View Collection100PM
GreenvilleRetroHoarderView Collection 100PM
 TH3 8bit N1NJ4View Collection 100PM
ExtonthollyView Collection 100PM
 topkek88View Collection 111PM
 twitamiView Collection100PM
understatementView Collection 100PM
 Vectrex4LifeView Collection 100PM
 wazzalView Collection Needs capacitors replaced. [Sound OK]100PM
 wizzard667View Collection 100PM
SeattlezodiacprimeView Collection100PM

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