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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sony PlayStation U S Armored Core SCEA 1997 Action/Adventure

CountryMembernameView CollectionCommentsQtyBoxManPM
 bigbrutisView Collection 111PM
 ButtneckView Collection 111PM
 dbharshaView Collection 110PM
MilpitasDocDoobieView Collection 101PM
omahaGamerNickView Collection 111PM
Charlotte, NCGreg TroxlerView Collection 111PM
 GrinnView Collection 110PM
 Gunstar GreenView Collection 111PM
seattlehalosgodView Collection 000PM
 King HammurabiView Collection11.19/15 lot 167.95111PM
 MercuryCrusaderView Collection 111PM
 MikeyTheMightyView Collection 100PM
 ParasektView Collection 111PM
Fargo, NDsamus5678View Collection 111PM
Maringouin, LASentinelLSUView Collection 111PM
 sgt.flandersView Collection 110PM
Greensboro, NCsinglebananaView Collection111PM
 SlabHardcheeseView Collection 111PM
 The Official SP1SCView Collection 111PM
Silicon ValleyZagnorchView Collection 110PM
WinnipegZe_roView Collection 111PM

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