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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sony PlayStation 2 U S .hack//G.U. Vol. 1//Rebirth Bandai Namco Games 2006 RPG

CountryMembernameView CollectionCommentsQtyBoxManPM
 54f3gu4rdView Collection 111PM
 A. SnowView Collection 000PM
 AddictedView Collection Sealed111PM
 blissfulnoiseView Collection111PM
 brokegamerView Collectionno cd111PM
 BX ShinigamiView Collection 000PM
 Christopher7xiiView Collection000PM
 dewidsamView Collection 111PM
 DoubleJ0329View Collection 000PM
 esquireView Collection000PM
eternalblue81View Collection 111PM
 Flashback2012View Collection111PM
New CaneyFuyukazeView Collection 111PM
 gamephreak5View Collection 111PM
Birmingham, ALgorezView Collection000PM
seattlehalosgodView Collection 000PM
 lendelinView CollectionComplete, sealed111PM
 manchotdieuView Collection 111PM
 MrMeekView Collection 111PM
HoustonNecrosaroView CollectionTerminal disc and figurine included.111PM
 o9r1shView Collection 000PM
 Silver80View Collection 111PM
 slimedogView Collection 000PM
 The King of GamesView Collection111PM
 VaporView Collection 111PM
 vegetablegamerView Collection 111PM
 ysytheredView Collection111PM

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