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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo Game Boy Advance U S Activision Anthology Aspyr Media 2003 Compilation

CountryMembernameView CollectionCommentsQtyBoxManPM
 adiemusView Collection 101PM
 akirahedgehogView Collection111PM
Lake ArrowheadAlfadorView Collection111PM
 animalman888View Collection000PM
WinnipegAntimindView Collection000PM
WinnipegAntimindView Collection 000PM
Kentatari_wizardView Collection 111PM
 Beardcore84View Collection 100PM
 bosox1256View Collection000PM
SeattleBrianstorm99View Collection 111PM
 Captain_N77View Collection 000PM
 chrisbidView Collection 100PM
 cracked8ballView Collection 000PM
 DanmakuView Collection 100PM
 DanmakuView Collection100PM
 DoubleJ0329View Collection 000PM
 dude1286View Collection 100PM
 esquireView Collection000PM
 ExedExesView Collection 111PM
 imstarryeyedView Collection100PM
 itattonView Collection 111PM
 jdllamaView Collection 111PM
 JuCstinView CollectionWorth: $30 (June, 2015)100PM
 JuCstinView CollectionValue: $30 (July, 2015)000PM
 KabonkView Collection 111PM
 lokkenjawnzView Collection100PM
Woodstock, ILMarkM2112View Collection100PM
 mathwontmissyouView Collection 111PM
 Mr HookerView Collection 100PM
 Nature_BoyView Collection 000PM
 panda_racerView Collection 111PM
 phalnxView Collection 100PM
 puzzler20View Collection 000PM
Belémraffa1985View Collection 111PM
 renegadevikingView Collection 111PM
MartinezRetroYoungenView Collection 000PM
 Rob_of_the_SkyView Collection 100PM
 rond7104View Collection101PM
 rpgcollectorView Collection 111PM
 scottp13View Collection100PM
 SigoyaView Collection 100PM
 slackurView Collection100PM
 wazzalView Collection 111PM
 ZanicnightView Collection 100PM

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