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Collection Description:
My collection is rather small, but I play many, many games. I tend to borrow or rent games then buy if they are exceptional or if I ever think i may want to replay them again. In general I like western RPG's and strategy games, or games that have a fair a mount of depth, strong story, or have a solid artistic component. Also, Pokemon... I have no idea why I still love the series, but it's good for some mindless fun every now and then. I also recently sold quite a few games, some of those sales I now regret- mainly my sale of riddick for my Xbox :(. So, yeah.

Collection Stats:

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IBM PC  9 (21%)
Nintendo 64  6 (14%)
Microsoft Xbox  5 (12%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  4 (10%)
Nintendo GameCube  4 (10%)
Nintendo Game Boy  3 (7%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance  3 (7%)
Nintendo Game Boy Color  3 (7%)
Nintendo Wii  2 (5%)
Nintendo DS  2 (5%)
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