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Collection Description:
I work at a Play'N'Trade and get to see all the cool stuff before it hits the floor.

My collection grows everyday.

yes, everyday.

About 85% of my collection was found "in the wild" and not bought online on ebay or amazon.

I now have a new goal for my collection. As well as buying every amazing game I see, I will now be making an effort to collect every US SNES game. Thats right I am going for a fullset. Boxes and Manuals would be nice but I think for now just the cartridges will suffice.

Major roadblock number 1 in my SNES fullset goal: Where am I gonna put all those games...  

Collection Stats:

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Sony PlayStation 2  122 (11%)
IBM PC  91 (8%)
Sony PlayStation  87 (8%)
Nintendo SNES  76 (7%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  75 (7%)
Nintendo NES  73 (7%)
Nintendo GameCube  53 (5%)
Nintendo 64  51 (5%)
Sega Dreamcast  44 (4%)
Sega Saturn  40 (4%)
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