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Collection Description:
Since the morning that my brother and I woke up to find Mom and my uncle playing Pac-Man on "Santa's" present - an Atari 2600, I've spent many late nights reciting the infamous "Just one more game".  I really enjoy collecting hand held consoles because the evolution of mobile gaming is so intriguing.

Re-acquiring games that I originally enjoyed throughout the years has been a priority (TMNT Arcade Cabinet, Baby!), but trying out different games has been great.   Then there are the systems I could not afford when I was a kid (Sega CD, 3DO, CDi) and those that I missed during my gaming gap (Saturn, Dreamcast, N64, Gamecube and others). I am also interested in acquiring a copy of every hockey game released that I can get my hands on.  I know that it's an odd & strange attempt.  HELP!

My Sweet 16 notables most enjoyed circa '82-NOW for random memorable reasons:
16 to 1.  The Atari Touch Me because it spawned my retro collecting bug somewhat by an ignorant accident.
15.  Final Doom (PS1)
14.  Dig Dug (Atari 7800)
13.  Kenseiden (SMS)
12.  Skate or Die (Comm64/NES)
11.  Skylanders series (X360)
10.  Contra (NES)
9.  NHL 94-96 (Genesis)
8.  TMNT Arcade (NES/Arcade)
7.  Silent Hill (PS1)
6.  The NCAA Football series (PS2)
5.  Unreal Tournament with skins, voices, maps mods (PC)
4.  Super Mario Bros. (NES/Arcade)
3.  Diablo II (PC)
2.  River City Ransom (NES)
1.  Chrono Trigger (SNES)

3DO lot with 3 consoles and over 60 games, E.V.O. for SNES for $6

PROJECTS: Replace Sega Nomad screen.  Custom paint NES controllers.  Add external battery to Cybiko Extreme. Ongoing...

WANTS: It was the first system I bought with my own money as a kid and still have, so I'm aiming for any and all Atari 7800.  Preferred collections to add to: NES, SNES, 3DO, N-Gage, Zodiac, Gizmondo.  Also looking for Oddball & Rare Handhelds/Consoles, Pong Clones.  Outcasts & unappreciated come to my Island of Misfit Toys.

Collection Stats:

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Sony PlayStation 2  600 (13%)
Nintendo NES  448 (10%)
Sony PlayStation  335 (7%)
Microsoft Xbox  326 (7%)
Sega Genesis  273 (6%)
Nintendo SNES  246 (5%)
IBM PC  220 (5%)
Nintendo 64  155 (3%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  148 (3%)
Atari 2600  139 (3%)
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