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Collection Description:
I collect any and all things related to video gaming. But, I specialize in Nintendo products and more specifically Nintendo 64. My collection is just getting off the ground, but I'm already off to a good start.

Quick Collection Rundown

Nintendo 64
Xbox 360
Nintendo Wii (Softmodded)
Gameboy Color
Original Nintendo DS (Broken [Needs new top screen])

XBox Live Gamertag: Chaos Punk sXe

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Nintendo 64  9 (26%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  6 (17%)
Nintendo NES  6 (17%)
Sega Genesis  5 (14%)
Nintendo Wii  3 (9%)
Nintendo SNES  2 (6%)
Sony PlayStation  1 (3%)
IBM PC  1 (3%)
Nintendo NES  1 (3%)
Nintendo Game Boy Color  1 (3%)

Collection Images:
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