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Collection Description:
hello there chums,

i'm usually known by many different names, mostly because no-one knows how to pronounce my username, so really any pronunciation is correct. I've been a big fan of video games for a long time, but it hasn't been until recent years where i've gotten really into collecting when and where i can.

I currently own at least one console from every generation (except first) and love each of them equally. in terms of games, for disc-based systems i wont settle for them not having the box and manual, both in at least decent quality, but cartridges however i'm more ok with some imperfections, or hey, even just the game on its own, just as long as it plays, and the label is readable on it, i'm fine with that.

Aside from this hobby, i love watching film and tv, as it is my dream to get into filmaking one day. Specifically tokusatsu shows are the bestest thing ever and i'm a big pusher for people to watch em coz hoo boy they are spicy. I also play guitar, and have for over 12 years, piano and harmonica (that last one barely, but still).

Anywho, thats enough of me boring you all rigid. so, see yas around.

Collection Stats:

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Sega Saturn  16 (11%)
Multiple Consoles  15 (10%)
Nintendo Wii  15 (10%)
Atari 2600  13 (9%)
Sony PlayStation 4  13 (9%)
Nintendo Wii  10 (7%)
Sony PlayStation 2  9 (6%)
Sony PlayStation 4  9 (6%)
Nintendo DS  8 (5%)
Sega Mega Drive  7 (5%)
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