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Collection Description:
For me it all started with Mario and Mega Man during the NES days, although my first owned system was the Super Nintendo (I was 5 years old).

Will get pics up eventually, hopefully...

MY CONSOLES: SNES / Genesis (core2) / Nintendo64 (black) / GameCube (pokemon XD silver) / Dreamcast / Xbox
MY HANDHELDS: GBC (teal) / GBA SP (metallic blue) / GBA SP 101 (graphite)
GF's SYSTEMS: PS2 (slimline silver) / Xbox / DS (peach) / GameBoy / GBA (pink)
WISHLIST: Sega Saturn / NES

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Nintendo 64  11 (24%)
Nintendo GameCube  9 (20%)
Sega Genesis  7 (15%)
Sega Dreamcast  6 (13%)
Nintendo SNES  5 (11%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance  5 (11%)
Microsoft Xbox  2 (4%)
Nintendo Game Boy Color  1 (2%)

Collection Images:
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