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Collection Description:
I starting collecting in March of 2012. Currently I collect all cartridge based games I can find. Video games have always been an escape for me. I could go off to the mushroom kingdom or traverse the land of hyrule and be completely care-free. My first system was a Gamecube when I was 5, and the first game being Luigi's Mansion. I have since branched out quite nicely. If I can, I will add some pictures of my collection. Thanks for taking a look. :)

Collection Stats:

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Nintendo Game Boy  48 (14%)
Nintendo NES  47 (14%)
Nintendo Wii  37 (11%)
Sega Genesis  30 (9%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance  26 (8%)
Nintendo GameCube  24 (7%)
Nintendo Game Boy Color  24 (7%)
Sony PlayStation  23 (7%)
Nintendo DS  21 (6%)
Sony PlayStation 2  12 (4%)
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Collection Images:
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