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Collection Description:
Hello all!

I've been collecting since summer of 2010 (previously I was the opposite of a collector giving away all of my old games and systems whenever I would get a new one).  I started out focusing on disk based games (CD, DVD, blu-ray), but then when I got a Sega Genesis donated to me, all bets were off, and now I have started with Atari 2600 and Colecovision.

I play pretty much everything I collect, and will take any donations

Check me out on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/buckethealien

Collection Stats:

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IBM PC  110 (13%)
Nintendo NES  68 (8%)
Sony PlayStation 2  62 (7%)
Sony PlayStation 4  58 (7%)
Sony PlayStation 3  57 (7%)
Sony PlayStation  50 (6%)
Sega Genesis  45 (5%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  38 (5%)
Microsoft Xbox  37 (4%)
Atari 2600  35 (4%)
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