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Collection Description:
Most of my items came from various places: GameStop/EB, GameCrazy, independent game shops (luckily NYC has quite a few around the boroughs), eBay, and garage sales. Quite a few actual systems were given to me for free, as well, from close friends and family when they're done with them.

This collection is, of course, a work in progress. I'm slowly (very slowly...) adding the games that I own to this list. So although I have only a few items actually listed here, I actually have a fair amount more. I'll get to it all someday, eh? Maybe I'll even get pictures up, too!

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Nintendo GameCube  75 (9%)
IBM PC  72 (9%)
Sega Genesis  58 (7%)
Sega Dreamcast  51 (6%)
Nintendo 64  47 (6%)
Sony PlayStation 2  46 (6%)
Nintendo SNES  44 (5%)
Sony PlayStation  41 (5%)
Mattel Intellivision  32 (4%)
Nintendo NES  31 (4%)
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Collection Images:
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