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Collection Description:
This is my collection after I sold most of my stuff off for cash in 2003.  I've been slowly building it back up for the past couple of years when I can afford to get some new games.  It's too bad that while growing up I always sold my stuff to get new stuff.  I always had the (now expensive) RPG's that I can't really afford to go back and re-collect.

My favorite system is currently the Nintendo DS.  I played mostly Nintendo products while growing up, and was introduced to the PSX back in 1996.  Ever since then, I've tried not to be biased toward any one company or system.

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Nintendo GameCube  10 (40%)
Nintendo Wii  6 (24%)
Sega Dreamcast  5 (20%)
Nintendo 64  4 (16%)

Collection Images:
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