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Collection Description:
I love video games. Ever since I touched a Nintendo NES in 1992, my life was changed. I always looked forward to going to grandmaís house to play Super Mario Bros. 3. A few years out of college, my dad bought a Sega Genesis and didnít do much with it; but his kids sure did. I also grew up on titles like Sonic the Hedgehog. I could list all the games I grew up on, but space here is limited!

As I grew older our parents bought us a SNES for Christmas, and that got me further into games. I was part of the original craze with the Nintendo 64 (I remember when Best Buy sold them for $500) and the Playstation. Late in Middle School I got into the Gamecube and Playstation 2. The PS2 yet again changed my life with its amazing library of titles.

Naturally, I was 27th in line for a Nintendo Wii when it came out. I still play the current generation of games, but as they get more expensive, I find I want to explore my classic roots. Now the president of a Gaming Club in college, Iíve been thrown into retro collecting again, updating my collection when I get the chance.

All games are fun to me; they are meant to be played and enjoyed. Iím not big on elitist attitudes and I will sit down and play a game with anyone. This is a good goal to go with in life if you donít have one: explore the world of video games.

Collection Stats:

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Sony PlayStation 2  22 (20%)
Nintendo NES  15 (14%)
Nintendo 64  13 (12%)
Sony PlayStation 3  13 (12%)
Sony PlayStation  11 (10%)
Sega Genesis  11 (10%)
Nintendo SNES  10 (9%)
Nintendo Wii  7 (6%)
Nintendo GameCube  5 (5%)
Atari 2600  3 (3%)
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