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Collection Description:

I recently decided to focus on collecting only licensed games, so I sold all my unlicensed stuff.  I'm going for the complete CIB officially licensed set!  I do, however, still collect unlicensed accessories.  I collect ANY CIB or CIP NES accessories.  My accessory collection has become HUGE and is currently in storage.  The pics below are seriously outdated.  As soon as I buy a house, in the next year, I will set up all my accessories and games in a game room and post the new pics here.  Meanwhile, if you have ANY boxed, or rare loose accessories, you can sell them to ME!

Collection Stats:

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Nintendo NES  502 (96%)
Nintendo Wii  13 (2%)
Camerica Aladdin  7 (1%)
Multiple Consoles  1 (0%)

Collection Images:
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