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Note to self: NEOGEO MVS: Gan Gan(1), Neo Bomberman(1), Mark of the Wolves(2), Puzzle Bobble(1).
Xmen origins wolverines (pc), psp cam, psp car charger,  udraw pictionary wii, udraw tablet, djhero turntable wii, ps4 hori stick, wii fightstick.

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Sony PlayStation 2  271 (10%)
Nintendo NES  241 (9%)
Sony PlayStation 3  213 (8%)
Sony PlayStation  182 (7%)
Nintendo SNES  175 (6%)
Nintendo 64  143 (5%)
Nintendo DS  138 (5%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  136 (5%)
Nintendo GameCube  113 (4%)
Sony PlayStation Network  111 (4%)
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