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Collection Description:
My collection is something that has been growing slowly throughout my video gaming life. After being raised by two brothers who loved Gi-Joes and video games, I grew onto video games and that is what I'm found doing in my free time. Classic gaming is something I never knew about until I played a Sega Genesis, which I later purchased. I never realized that these games were so great and I longed for more.

I bought the Sega Genesis and suddenly more classic gaming consoles found my place in my collection. The Sega Dreamcast had come next, which I love very much. Yes, I said love, just because it is awesome in its white/gray glory. My most recent, and probably one of my last consoles for awhile is my four-switch, wood grained, Atari 2600, which is great to buy games for. Most of the games are quite cheap and a lot of fun to play. I'm out.

Collection Stats:

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Sega Genesis  16 (13%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance  15 (13%)
Atari 2600  14 (12%)
Sony PlayStation 2  12 (10%)
Sony PlayStation  10 (8%)
Sega Dreamcast  7 (6%)
Nintendo Game Boy  7 (6%)
Nintendo DS  7 (6%)
Sony PSP  7 (6%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  5 (4%)
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